Top Selling Author in 30 Days

From Robert J. R. Graham, author of several Self-Development books – Are you planning on writing a book?  We should talk… did you know: 81% of Americans want to write a book but only 2% have actually done it. 96% of authors who responded to Forbes Magazine said having a book has ...Read More

Seventh Journey Book II

The second book in the award winning fantasy series, Seventh Journey. Travel with Jacob Cross as he continues his journey through multiple dimensions and comes to understand the meaning of his life, success, and the fate of those around him… Confronting evil forces from other dimensions, a lost and confused Jacob returns ...Read More

Seventh Journey Book I

Join Jacob Cross as he sets out across a journey leading him through multiple dimensions where he learns the deeper meaning to his life, and how he’s tied to the fate of those around him… Netex, an advanced research firm with more than one secret agenda, has developed a mind-altering headset technology ...Read More

The Personal Mastery System© – Online Learning

We’ve been developing something very exciting here at, and you might have already seen it on our new store.  But now it’s time to start talking about it.  We are often asked why we’ve dedicated so much time to our online presence, and creating a portal of information as we have.  ...Read More

Pagan Past Lives As Seven

I was asked by a friend if I knew the 9th Templar. For some reason I did know the name and the more I thought about it the more came back to me. I had a vision of me standing beneath the a pillar at Stonehenge with six other witches and wizards ...Read More

NLP Concepts and Methods

NLP is based upon the theory that we see, feel, and react to the world around us due to our perceptions of the world. This theory further expounds upon the concept that our perceptions are molded by our value and belief systems, and our experiences, and the conclusions we draw from them. ...Read More

Fitness is a State of Being

Fitness: A State of Being by: Frederic Madore Today’s technological advancement often raises a lot of questions. While we find that we have a lot more convenience at our disposal, there are many issues surrounding our present fast life. Most people often find that easy is not necessarily good, and that convenient ...Read More

Spiritual Masters And The Astral Planes

by: Leonard Lee   REVIEW OF LITERATURE When a Sadguru, or spiritual master first receives a novice or a candidate seeking Truth, one of the first steps that the master would assure himself is the sincerity and the purity of motive of the candidate requesting initiation into the mysteries. In order to ...Read More

Bashar interviewed by Alan Steinfeld of New Realities

...Read More

Simply Choosing To Be Happy

Choose To Be Happy…NOW! by: Teri Worten The older I get, the more I realize that ninety percent of life is about choices. Both the choice to be happy or unhappy is mine. Sure, unforeseeable circumstances come and rattle our cages from time to time but it’s our decision how we choose ...Read More

Building Blocks of Good Character

The Building Blocks of Good Character By Henry Mukuti “I am not made or unmade by the things that happen to me but, by the things that I do”. Unconsciously we are forming habits every moment of our lives. Some of these habits are of a bad nature and some are of ...Read More

Thinking vs. Knowing

OUR PRESENT AGE is identified as the Age of Information. Different eras were characterized by the product that dominated the times, such as Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc. Quite literally, we excel in knowledge. Our accumulation of facts exceeds that of the greatest minds in the past. Neither Aristotle nor ...Read More

How To Get Success And Deal With Frustration

by: Rob Bom It can be very frustrating when you think you have everything you need to succeed, but still not achieving any results. Lots of people quit when things get too complicated or takes too much time. I will give you 3 steps that might help you to still get what ...Read More

Opening Your Astral Eye

Q:  One of the things that I do in a waking state – physical waking state - is I will imagine myself moving out of my body, sometimes above it, above the rooftops… B:  Yes. Q:  I can move around.  When I re-engage with my body, I get a rush, like a ...Read More

The Great Energy Conspiracy

Energy Conspiracy – The Motivations By Chris Capps We’ve all heard the claims at one point or another that there is a conspiracy to keep the energy field static so that any newly produced technical achievement would be censored to keep the status quo in their place and everyone else buying their ...Read More

The Picture In Your Mind

What Is The Picture In Your Mind? By Susan Russo What is it that you wake up and think about in the middle of the night? When you catch yourself day dreaming where have you projected your mind in that moment? Are you thinking of anything good or do you find yourself ...Read More

Clarity of Thought… A Worthy Goal

How to get clarity in thoughts Have you ever worried about things so much that thinking through them becomes tough? Have so many options that you keep going in circles? In times of most need, thinking stops being clear. Here’s the way to get clarity in thoughts: 1. Write in points. No ...Read More

Creating Another Earth

Alternate Earth By Jesus Delgado Mission statement:  to repair the planet, extricate all polluting technologies, and seek to nurture a stable, healthy, well balanced, living environment. To encourage, support, and make available Education and the pursuit of knowledge, advance technologies, advance sciences, and all other wisdoms that will enhance the quality of life for ...Read More

Misconceptions of Satanism?

by Unknown Author There are so many misconceptions about Satanism, but as I am at school I will just type up the main ones I am able to currently think about. These refer to the ideas within the Satanic Bible. 1 – Satanism does not believe in a hell. Hell is a ...Read More