The Art of The Trilogy

Tackle A Trilogy And Triple Your Profits by: Suzanne Harrison Are you a writer with big ideas? Are you always imagining epics, sweeping stories, great tales of human struggle and sacrifice, interlaced with personal stories of love, sadness and triumph? If so, you ought ...Read More

Fostering A Positive Attitude

Creating a Positive Attitude By Judy Braley   A positive attitude is a disciplined decision of the mind to maintain a consistently confident expectation of good results. John Terhune I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on ...Read More

Sharing As Equals in A Relationship

Bashar   Q:  Can you address, at least for me, something on a much more personal plane? B:  All right. Q:  I know that, as you’ve talked about patterns, I’ve been aware from my own personal experience, my personal primary relationships, that my pattern ...Read More

Mindfulness Improves Self Acceptance

Mindfulness Improves Self Esteem and Self Acceptance By Jeni MacNab Mindfulness can help you improve how you feel about yourself. It is important to understand that self-acceptance only comes from within and is very closely related to self-esteem. Self acceptance is more about what ...Read More

Do You Believe In Separation?

Are You Building Your Life on the Concept of Separation? by: Richard Blackstone The creation of your life is analogous to building a house. Our spiritual growth tells us that we need a strong foundation for our life and the following spirituality information equates that ...Read More