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Join over 50,000 viewers a month in enjoying the over 2,000 articles by Robert J.R. Graham. This worldwide and live interactive online community is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Learn More



Enjoy Robert’s Best Selling fiction series “Seventh Journey” along with several short stories, and non-fiction works dedicated to helping your personal growth journey. Learn More



With over 200 personal coaching clients, Robert J.R. Graham is nationally regarded as a motivational speaker, and coach in the areas of Self Improvement, Time Management, and Healthy Living. Learn More

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Seventh Journey

The award winning Seventh Journey continues to be a best seller.  Featured in dozens of magazines, including Readers Digest, and Amazon, readers are in anticipation of book 2 in 2014. Learn More


Ghost Rings Possession

The third installment of The Ghost Rings series by Robert J.R. Graham, features several twists and turns, including a new love interest for Clara. Learn More


Habits and Motivation

A fast paced non-fiction that aims to teach readers how to take control of the factors affecting their motivation, and positive habits. Learn More



A newly married couple fights for their lives as the world experiences an unknown and terrifying blackout. Learn More


The Personal Mastery eBook

The PM training ebook describes in detail the problems, reactions, and solutions needed to take control over every day decisions with confidence and clarity. Learn More


Responding to Stress

A look at the common perceptions of stress, and how to change perspectives, utilizing stress as a way to propel yourself towards your goals. Learn More

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CSPlogo1The Card Sharp Pro competitive card playing system by Joshua Graham shows you step-by-step how to destroy opponents through meticulously and well developed techniques, tactics, and strategies used to win multiple Yu-Gi-Oh! competitions. Learn more…

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  • Robert is in the final stages of editing Seventh Journey Book 2, cover artwork is also finalized.
  • Robert will be performing a 6 week GVT (German Volume Training) regime starting MONDAY
  • Graham has created a new Mind-Body Fitness Mastery series, featuring Mark Vermeer, with fun, challenging routines, exclusively for Group members.
  • has received a facelift!
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2678df1Robert J.R. Graham, author of The Seventh Journey series, and other books is a freelance writer focusing on self-development and personal mastery.


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