Mystic Web: Advancing Esoteric Knowledge

This is a website / organization which explores and furthers the Gnostic Studies.  Gnostic Studies are supposedly the “hidden knowledge” which was passed directly from Jesus to his disciples – special teachings in fact, which show how to directly access God, and higher levels ...Read More

The Truth About Failure

by: Ada Porat Every experience we term ‘failure’ holds a core of liberating truth within. The next time you feel as if you have somehow failed, review these truths and you will see why you do not need to fear failure! There is no ...Read More

XinXii SelfPublishing Review

XinXii was recently distinguished by the Financial Times for its concept of enabling authors to upload all kinds of texts, documents, and e-books, along with relevant information such as the description and price of the text, and to sell these online. It is the ...Read More

Seven Cosmic Planes

Astrology inherently concerns itself with spiritual or non-physical ideas. The whole concept of describing inner influences and characteristics of a conscious being is a more subjective area outside the study of ordinary facts and figures. Any attempt to understand the actual why or how ...Read More

Create a Vision Board for Your Goals

by: Cheryl Wilms One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to display them. Having them displayed will be a constant reminder of what you intend to achieve and will activate your desire on a daily basis. A vision board is a ...Read More

Crystal Skulls And Dolphin Communication

*Crystal Skull Encoding and Dolphin Communication* Q:  I believe you are familiar with the Crystal Skull found in Guatemala and that lives in Toronto now. B:  Yes. Q:  The skull is presently on display in Phoenix, Arizona where a group of people have looked ...Read More