Aura Healing

Aura Healing With Crystals It is important to ground yourself when doing healing work. There are several ways you can ground. One way is by grounding yourself into the earth this is done by drawing a line of energy from the base Chakra and ...Read More

The Experience of Polarity

*The Experience of Polarity* Q: My question has to do with polarity. B: Polarity. All right. Q: The creation of it. B: Yes. Q: Today when I was thinking about it, what kind of came to me was… okay, using the biblical legend as ...Read More

Effects of Stress

by: Loren Fogelman What is stress Stress is a part of daily life. Everyone has stress. Some people appear to have more stress than others. Stress is one way we react to specific events in our life. There are times when you might feel that ...Read More

5 Key Ninjutsu Martial Arts Strategies

Ninjutsu Martial Arts Strategy: Key Moments & Phases in a Self-Defense Situation by: Jeffrey M. Miller A major pivoting point in my ninjutsu martial arts learning process happened when I realized that there was something more going on than just the punching, kicking, and ...Read More

Personal Development Plans

Personal Development Plans: Your Crucial Steps To Success by: Nicolas Baron People who are successful in their lives no matter who they are will tell you that they got there by working hard, planning and taking hold of opportunities with both hands. All of ...Read More

Objective Islam

The Origins of Islam by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S Who Wrote the Koran? As concerns the Koran, the Muslim holy book, Walker (513) says: “Mohammedan scriptures, often erroneously thought to have been written by Mohammed. Moslems don’t believe this. But many don’t know the Koran was an enlarged ...Read More