Bible Conspiracy Theory

A Bible conspiracy theory is any conspiracy theory that posits that much of what is known about the Bible is a deception created to suppress some secret, ancient truth. Some of these theories claim that Jesus really had a wife and children, or that ...Read More

Are You Considered Abnormal?

NP: Surveillance on the Human Mind Part II By James W. Astrada   The European Union is oddly spending millions of pounds despite their economic crisis on developing “Orwellian” surveillance technology to monitor the internet and CCTV images for “abnormal behavior.” This five year ...Read More

Principles of Higher Self

The Principle Of Higher Self by: Song Chengxiang I want to begin this lesson by a quote from Dr Wayne Dyer.He said this in his book “Manifest Your Destiny”. “Within you is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that you need or desire.” ...Read More

Etiquette During Loss

Proper Funeral Etiquette By Bill Abernathy A funeral is a somber and difficult time for everyone, especially the loved ones of the deceased. It can be difficult to find the right words and act appropriately in such a serious setting, and this can be ...Read More

Marketing Your Business

3 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Business to Success by: Alicia Forest Do you often find it difficult to make time for your marketing activities? Or do you find that when you do market, it’s not consistent enough to bring you the results you want? ...Read More