Modern Science Fiction

by: Samir K. Dash Science fiction is a narrative (usually in prose) or a short story, ‘novella’ or novel length. As to what it is about, is not easily classificable. Such stories are about an amazing variety of things, topics and ideas. But in general ...Read More

Soul Mates

We have heard many times the idea upon your planet you call “soul mate” and that idea certainly can exist. It is simply representative of a particular kind of agreement that has been made. But do remember that every individual you interact with serves ...Read More

Planet Earth and Nuclear Annihilation

Bashar: Channeled by Darryl Anka From Theology Class 11-17-87 San Jose, Ca Questioner:  Do you see us killing our planet? Bashar:  Right now, yes, but not ultimately. Q:  No?  How do you see us changing that? B:  It is our perception, at this moment, ...Read More

How To Use Flow Diagrams

Best Use of Flow Diagrams At Work by: Clyde Hart Flow diagrams are not new to most of us. In one or the other way, we have used them in our daily lives. Flow diagram is not only a term it refers to the ...Read More

Galactic Energies

B:  How are you all this evening of your time, as you create time to exist? AUD:  Great, perfect, et cetera. B:  Allow us to begin this interaction, this evening of your time, with the reminder that last week of your time we entitled ...Read More

Changing Your Luck

by: Sam Stevens In this week’s New Age Notebook, I am going to address a subject that often comes up in the chat rooms: LUCK. Why is it that some people seem to be born with horseshoes up the wazoo while others battle an endless ...Read More

A Guide To Fantasy Books

A Guide To Fantasy Literature by Philip Martin – Review By Raymond N Mathiesen Guiding The Imagination Did your parents read you Grimm’s Fairy Tales when you were a child? Or perhaps they read you A. A. Milne’s Winnie-The-Pooh? Or did you yourself read Lewis ...Read More