Modern Science Fiction

by: Samir K. Dash Science fiction is a narrative (usually in prose) or a short story, ‘novella’ or novel length. As to what it is about, is not easily classificable. Such stories are about an amazing variety of things, topics and ideas. But in general ...Read More

Your Highest Thought

Your Thoughts Create Your Life by: Ineke Van Lint   The greatest power we ever got is the power of our thoughts. There is an Intelligence inside us that can elevate our life at the highest level. Everyone should learn to collaborate with this Intelligence ...Read More

Esoteric Theory of Everything

Introduction For many decades, scientists have been trying to devise a single unified theory to explain all known physical phenomena, but a model that appears to unite the seemingly incompatible String Theory and Standard Model has existed for 100 years. It described baryons, mesons, ...Read More

Datre – Words on Thought

Extracted from a session dated 7-26-1995. JOHN: Yes, let me throw a question at you that I asked before but I’m going to nag on it because I can’t quite understand it. Thought is created by a certain kind of Being, they’re ‘Thoughters’… DATRE: ...Read More