Rapid Change with NLP Anchors

NLP Anchors Explained By Charles Steed What Are NLP Anchors? With reference to hypnosis and NLP, anchoring is a simple yet extremely powerful persuasion technique. But to limit its use exclusively to persuasion would be a mistake. Anchoring is a fundamental part of NLP ...Read More

How To Live Life To The Fullest

Living Life To The Fullest by: Michael Griffiths    Living a life full of purpose, passion and happiness does not need to be as hard as we believe.   A lot of the time the reason why we’re not living the life we want ...Read More

NLP – John Grinder on Carlos Castaneda

Forum Message Topic:Origins: CastanedaPosted by:lager <mailto:lager@notmail.com>Date/Time:09/08/2002 00:09:27 Dr. Grinder,  You have often referred to the work of Carlos Castaneda as a source of inspiration.  Did you ever meet him in person or have you yourself been in contact with the lineage or tradition to ...Read More

How To Find Your Purpose

The Benefits of Finding Your Purpose By Jules Allen These days life can often drag you down and make you feel unfulfilled, unhappy and incredibly stressed. Juggling work with family life can often seem like an impossible task and most of us just plod ...Read More

Guest Writer: Marketing Guru Imran Md Ali

RobertJRGraham.com Interviews Imran Md Ali, Asia’s Premiere Marketing Guru, and author of two successful marketing books. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and your background? I started out by being a serial entrepreneur, and still own an art gallery, publishing firm, manpower ...Read More

Guest Writer: Matthew Martino, author of “Lets Fly”

RobertJRGraham.com is happy to interview Matthew Martino, author, actor, and entrepreneur. It’s great to interview such a dynamic personality, lets start with your aviation experiences. What inspired Lets Fly? Lets Fly was inspired just by my realization that there wasn’t enough of free resources ...Read More