Developing Your Thought Processes

Thought Process Development By Lynn Bradley Everything you do and what you think of yourself depends upon your thoughts. The reason some people are successful is that they have mastered their thought process. Many things are involved in the thought process, positive and negative ...Read More

Star Trek in Our Life Time?

*Star Trek*  Channeled by Daryl Anka – Q:  Hello, Mr. Ambassador. B:  And to you, Mr. Ambassador. Q:  Hello, this is my first time… (laughter) because this is the cameraman who’s been talking to the channel for years. B:  Me too! What a ...Read More

Steps and Definition of Personal Development

Definition of Personal Development by: Willie Horton Definition of Personal Development – I’ve just received an email from a reader who tells me that, after wasting many years on “normal” living and “normal” people, she is now determined to take the necessary steps to ...Read More

Friends and Enemies

Why You Must Learn to Hate Your Friends and Love Your Enemies by: Leo Blanco The world is cruel and your friends are there to cushion the pain and suffering. I guess you’re wondering why I wrote this article and most importantly why you ...Read More