What Is “Choice Theory?”

Choice Theory by: Kim Olver You have listened to me for a year now talking about Choice Theory but I know I’ve never really explained what Choice Theory is. Choice Theory is actually an explanation of all human behavior developed by Dr. William Glasser. ...Read More

Failures Transform Your Life

Let Your Failure Transform Your Life by: Stephen Lau   In life, failure is unavoidable–in fact, an essential aspect of living for life. Given that you have to live with failure as part and parcel of life, you might as well let your failure ...Read More

Motivation Towards A New Life

Motivation To A Better Life Is At Hand by: Cheryl Hanson You may have a goal that is tugging at your heart, but despite your everyday tasks and issues, you never seem to find the time to tackle the steps to get you down ...Read More

Relationships and Emotional Connection

by: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. Do you love it when you feel deeply emotionally connected with someone? When you feel seen, understood, valued and cherished? This is what initially draws two people together and leads to falling in love. Then what happens? Why does the ...Read More