Esoteric Theory of Everything

Introduction For many decades, scientists have been trying to devise a single unified theory to explain all known physical phenomena, but a model that appears to unite the seemingly incompatible String Theory and Standard Model has existed for 100 years. It described baryons, mesons, ...Read More

Datre – Words on Thought

Extracted from a session dated 7-26-1995. JOHN: Yes, let me throw a question at you that I asked before but I’m going to nag on it because I can’t quite understand it. Thought is created by a certain kind of Being, they’re ‘Thoughters’… DATRE: ...Read More

The Modern Druid

Druidry by: Rasullah Clarke A brief synopsis of the renewed approach to Druidry in the modern era. Druidry these days is essentially about reverence for Nature, a way of feeling a connection with Creation and Creator through observing and celebrating Nature in all its ...Read More