Sharing As Equals in A Relationship

Bashar   Q:  Can you address, at least for me, something on a much more personal plane? B:  All right. Q:  I know that, as you’ve talked about patterns, I’ve been aware from my own personal experience, my personal primary relationships, that my pattern ...Read More

Mindfulness Improves Self Acceptance

Mindfulness Improves Self Esteem and Self Acceptance By Jeni MacNab Mindfulness can help you improve how you feel about yourself. It is important to understand that self-acceptance only comes from within and is very closely related to self-esteem. Self acceptance is more about what ...Read More

Do You Believe In Separation?

Are You Building Your Life on the Concept of Separation? by: Richard Blackstone The creation of your life is analogous to building a house. Our spiritual growth tells us that we need a strong foundation for our life and the following spirituality information equates that ...Read More

Jacob And The Master – Faith

“Master… what is faith?”  Jacob asks curiously. “Faith is knowing and understanding that just as you think, so shall it be.  Knowing that before it has been asked, it is given.  It is also an invisible component required for massive shifts in consciousness.” “Massive ...Read More

Top 5 Rules for Being A Human

5 Rules For Being Human   By Steven Bancarz  By Steven Bancarz| Being human is not always easy.  We have to pretend we are interested in things we are not for the sake of social convention.  There is a socially acceptable way to eat, ...Read More