An Introduction To The Visual Body

Visual Body / Astral Body Introduction The visual body is another name for the astral body. The astral body is located at the fourth layer of the auric field and links us to the astral plain. When we sleep at night and experience dreams ...Read More

Choose To Integrate

Choose To Integrate Body, Mind & Soul by: Kristine Peterson Our bodies were made in such a way that everything is integrated. The mind appears to control everything. When something happens to the body whether good or bad, it registers in the brain and ...Read More

The Practical Side of Courage

by: Julia Fabris McBride In the first months of the current economic crisis, I felt pretty removed from the situation. It was something I read about in the New York Times and heard way too much about on Marketplace. In the last few weeks, ...Read More

Being Wrong

Don’t You Just Hate Being Wrong? by: Roseanna Leaton We like to be right. It’s more comfortable to feel that you were right. No-body likes to be wrong; Being wrong is a minor issue to some people but a real issue to others. Why so? ...Read More

Modern Science Fiction

by: Samir K. Dash Science fiction is a narrative (usually in prose) or a short story, ‘novella’ or novel length. As to what it is about, is not easily classificable. Such stories are about an amazing variety of things, topics and ideas. But in general ...Read More

Soul Mates

We have heard many times the idea upon your planet you call “soul mate” and that idea certainly can exist. It is simply representative of a particular kind of agreement that has been made. But do remember that every individual you interact with serves ...Read More

Planet Earth and Nuclear Annihilation

Bashar: Channeled by Darryl Anka From Theology Class 11-17-87 San Jose, Ca Questioner:  Do you see us killing our planet? Bashar:  Right now, yes, but not ultimately. Q:  No?  How do you see us changing that? B:  It is our perception, at this moment, ...Read More