We are all seeking enlightenment, peace and fulfillment in our lives.  The following list is comprised of classic books that get us all a little bit closer to that goal.  Some of the books are not traditionally “spiritual” tomes, but they all enrich the soul and point us, in more ways than one, in the right direction.

  1. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert Pirsig) – On the surface, this simple little book may look like a father-son road trip tale.  But peel back those layers and you will find everything you need to know about the past two millennium’s worth of philosophy and the search for meaning in our lives.
  2. The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield) – One of the hallmark writings that looks at spirituality from a more New Age perspective.  This tale of finding one’s self and the search for enlightenment is wrapped up in an interesting adventure tale of man in pursuit of a manuscript containing the most important insights about life and the universe.


  1. The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein) – This seemingly run-of-the-mill children’s book turned out to be anything but average.  The story of the little boy and the overly-generous tree he called a friend helped millions of people around the world understand compassion and empathy at a very young age.  Silverstein’s work was filled with lessons about being a better person, but this book stands apart from the rest.
  2. The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) – A wonderful look at what spirituality means, and how in order to achieve balance and fulfillment in our lives we must live in the NOW and not dwell on the past or grow overly worried about the future.
  3. The Bible – No matter where you stand on the issue of religion, or whether you call a temple, church or other place of worship home, The Bible provides countless stories of faith and redemption.  Although they each approach the matter using different characters and settings, the books of The Bible all help the reader focus on achieving true spirituality.
  4. The I Ching – Confucians and Taoists both agree that the I Ching is an essential guide to understanding ourselves and our place in the world.  This book has been used by literally hundreds of millions of people in order to help them divine their true path in life, and guide them along the way towards self-awareness and spirituality.
  5. The Four Agreements: A practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book (Don Miguel Ruiz) – This tiny little book packs a big message.  Inside its covers are a simple guide to how to live life as a better person, and achieve enlightenment and greater self-awareness along the way.  Ruiz takes Toltec-based wisdom and simplifies it for shorter Western attention spans.
  6. Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom) – This runaway best-seller helped us better understand our parents and our place in the universe as well.  A book that achieves spirituality by examining issues of family, commitment and the cycle of life.  A very emotional read, but an important one as well.
  7. Way of the Peaceful Warrior (Dan Millman) — Author Dan Millman takes readers on a journey of what it means to have every preconceived notion you may have about religion, life, spirituality and success torn down – only to have them rebuilt in a stronger, more spiritual way that helps blaze a trail to happiness and fulfillment.  A unique book by a truly unique individual.
  8. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all Small Stuff (Richard Carlson) – Spirituality achieved through practical means is the theme of this worldwide sensation.  Carlson helps us understand that we must clear out the stress and worry if we are to get a truer picture of ourselves and enjoy the real happiness that we all seek.


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