10 Design Tips for Small Business Websites

By Sami Zahra

Almighty has woven the gigantic human wisdom and thoughts in few pounds of flesh “The Brain”. This is man’s build in nature to discover the hidden facts, play with colors in order to boost his self-esteem through his aptitude to innovate and create. Designers of all kind manifest these basic human traits in order to win laurels. Breathing in the social networking regime of information technology is the basic turnover in past few decades for commerce i.e. shifts from brick and mortar to click form of business. This evolution in the pattern of trade has motivated the buyers and sellers of different races and creed to shake their hands for prosperity regardless of boundaries.

Big businesses have large amount of dollars in their pockets to spend on their different mediums of communication but the actual problem exists for the miniature set up of trade where there is scarcity of resources (land, labor and capital). The real challenge for the germinating businesses is to craft an organically search optimized website in order to get maximum traffic in a cost-effective manner. This is the way in which website flourishes in the innate manner and get the maximum viewership. Website should be magnetic or alluring in nature so that people just love to visit it on regular basis in order to seek information about the product and service and also to purchase them. The key ingredients for such websites are summarized here in order to help the entrepreneurs to make & nurture their business’s website properly.


1. Nature of the Business

Wholesaling of merchandise is entirely poles apart from retailing of goods and services as their customers are different; this is what the designer of website should embrace while designing the website i.e. the deep understanding of the nature of the business. In this way the viewers will get the right and useful information from the website about the business.

2. Interactive yet Simple

Simplicity supplemented with interactivity is another way to keep people engaged with website. This is what the designers of the web should use as a competitive tool in the hypercompetitive environment. As website is an emerging way marketing products and services to the potential & existing customer that’s why it should be impressive.

3. Properly Encrypted

The website should be properly encrypted in order to prevent others to imitate the contents, graphics and text and copying codes and PayPal links. For this purpose organizations have to obtain the host or site certificate. If the certificate is valid it shows that authority has verified that website belongs to that organization.

4. Aesthetically Eye-Catching

Small businesses should use beautification as a tool to keep acquired and attract new customers. This can be done by uploading colorful images of the products and services on the regular basis. In this way surprise element will be added, every time customers will visit website they will experience new things.

5. Payment Methods

While crafting a website for small business the 2 to 3 payment methods should be provided to the customers because the people in the developing countries don’t trust paying through credit cards as the American used to do few years back. So the alternative methods like PayPal, wire transfer and etc should be provided.

6. Catalogs

The proper catalogs for the products and services should be complied for convince of the buyers. In addition to this if printed catalogs are also published it should be integrated with the digital one in order to provide symmetrical information to all the people.

7. Shopping Carts

Designer should design the proper shopping carts for selling the products in order to maintain the privacy of the customers in digital arena. Higher the people will trust the business higher will be the sales volume.


8. Social Responsibility

Website should also include the social responsibility aspect of the organization in order to convey strong message to the customers that we care for them more than anything else.

9. Feedback Button/ Section

The website should have properly designed feedback or complain section in order to improve the quality of their existing offerings as well as to get helpful information for new product development.

10. Contact Information

The proper postal and email address should be the part of the website. Now days Google maps can also be used to spot your store location on the face of the world. This will not only increases the customer trust in you but also results in fruitful revenue outcomes.

By taking into consideration the above mentioned tips the designer can come up with a master piece which can facilitate in increasing the customer satisfaction and in return help in reaping profits for the small businesses. This is the medium through which small business are now turned into big guns in the world of business like eBay and Amazon.

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