By Edward Parr 

The lesson to be learned from all of this: By knowing and then utilizing your strongest aptitudes, you can be assured of becoming The Best You Can Be. Okay then, how does an awareness of the power of aptitudes benefit your kids (or grandkids)? It’s simple. If you can help your child learn what his or her strongest aptitudes are by the age of 15 or later (there’s no upper age limit), you can help them choose a career path that will optimize their strongest aptitudes. And, you can facilitate their further discovery of how to become a top performer in their field.


What’s the step-by-step of this process? First of all, knowledge of their strongest aptitudes empowers your children to make good choices about the kinds of classwork they need in middle school and high school. Informed decisions regarding their education give them a jumpstart in their development toward an ideal career. Second, during the years that follow your child’s discovery of his or her strongest aptitudes, he or she will be in a position to experiment with career choices while bearing much less risk than would otherwise be the case if he or she were clueless about aptitude strengths. Third, if you’re planning to fund your child’s post-high school education, such as technical school or college, it would be wise to understand what kind of education your child is most likely to stick with as opposed to changing majors multiple times throughout the degree process. You see, if your child has the aptitudes for certain subjects, they’ll excel in those subjects. Therefore, they’ll see no need to change their major or educational focus to find themselves in another “perfect” discipline.

In fact, they’ll already be there. No changes required! This is great news in that, as you well know, the cost of making changes in one’s higher education will likely be prohibitively expensive in the years ahead. Also, by giving your child an early heads up as to a potential ideal career path, he or she will make more efficient job and career decisions along the way instead of bouncing from job to job relying upon trial and error and your pocketbook to fund this folly. Moreover, greater efficiency in making a career choice will help your children find happiness and success much sooner in life than they would otherwise discover it by accident. Think about it. Aptitude self-awareness equals career certainty equals HAPPINESS!!!

Next Question: How can you learn specifically what your child’s strongest aptitudes are? Answer: Consult with the not-for-profit Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation (JOCRF) to find out what nearly 100 years of scientific aptitude testing expertise can do for your child’s future. It will only take a few minutes of your time to discover the key to improving your child’s chances for career success EXPONENTIALLY. [1]

What about that “100 yr. Guarantee?” As you’ll soon learn from your research, JOCRF has performed scientific aptitude testing since the early 1920s when Johnson O’Connor, their founder and namesake, began conducting scientific research and career placement work for General Electric Corp. From these promising beginnings, JOCRF expanded its work over an almost 100-year period conducting aptitude assessments for 100’s of thousands of clients worldwide many of whom were inspired by Johnson O’Connor’s human engineering science to find their ideal careers.

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