4 Home Remedies To Treat Your Arthritis

Arthritis isn’t something anyone looks forward to, but it’s an unfortunate reality for many people. Whether you suffer from gout, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, your stiff and sore joints will crack when you try to do the things you love — and sometimes when you do nothing at all!

You can head directly to the doctor or the medicine cabinet, but developing a reliance on painkillers to treat your condition is bad news for your liver, especially if your case is still early onset.

Consider these three home remedies for arthritis, instead.



Glucosamine is well known for helping alleviate symptoms of arthritis, but not just any Glucosamine will do! You’ll specifically want to look into supplements that contain glucosamine sulfate rather than glucosamine hydrochloride, so read your labels carefully.

This is easier said than done, however. Most products sold in the USA contain the latter, but it’s not going to be helpful when it comes to your arthritis pain. Clinical trials have shown that only Glucosamine sulfate is effective at reducing those joint pains.

The same study revealed that taking 1500 MG of the supplement in one dose per day was more effective than splitting it up. You might also consider adding chondroitin to the mix. While it won’t help with your pain, it may prevent your condition from progressing as quickly as it would otherwise.

Capsaicin Cream


There are a variety of topical creams that help to relieve pain. You can stop by your local pharmacy to see what they have on the shelves, but many of these aren’t effective when it comes to treating your arthritis. If you’re unable to get a prescription, the one cream you want to look into is capsaicin cream.

Capsaicin is the very substance that give chili peppers their heat, and that’s why some people increase the spicy foods in their diet when they suffer from arthritis pain. You can avoid burning your mouth if you opt for the cream, however!

The current research suggests capsaicin cream works by depleting nerve endings at the site of a specific substance needed to communicate with your brain. As a result, you’re pain-free, at least, for a little while!

Learn more about capsaicin here.



More recent studies suggest that kombucha might be a good at-home remedy for battling arthritis. Some doctors even believe that kombucha is something that you should drink every day. And That seems like a much easier way to relieve your pain if you’re not fond of swallowing pills or if you have sensitive skin.

Drink a cup or two daily and make sure to stay as active as possible to avoid increasing stiffness and soreness from your arthritis.

Iyengar Yoga


Iyengar yoga is a moderate or low intensity to way to strengthening muscles around joints that are pained by osteoarthritis. This type of yoga requires very precise movements which can take a considerable amount of time to perfect. However, if you find that more holistic remedies are right for you, Iyengar yoga should be something you should learn about.

It’s also important that you invest in a pair of yoga leggings that breathe. While you are fixing one problem you don’t want to create another. Moist and warm places are a perfect environment for bacteria to grow so it’s important that your clothing allows air to come in contact with your skin.

Whichever of these home remedies works for you will depend, and you might find that a combination of them is best. When your arthritis pain is especially difficult, you might still need some ibuprofen, but natural remedies can decrease pain so you’re not forced to do that quite so often.

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