Steve Jobs once commented that everyone should learn how to code because of its use in helping someone to think. Computer programming has evolved over the years and it has become a flexible tool that can allow you to automate functions that would otherwise take time with manual labor, or would be impossible with human labor.

Programming is infused in every area of our lives, whether you are using a smartphone or setting up your programmable Christmas lights which use arduino language or even unlocking your car with a remote device; all these capabilities have been made possible due to programming. In a general sense, software systems are the pillars that are holding our entire global business landscape in check. Why then should people not learn to program?

When you learn how to code, you have the capacity of making the next Dropbox or Twitter e.t.c. But you have to first identify a need and then address it with a coding application to solve the problem you have identified.

Let us look at some of the reasons why you should learn how to code.

Helps Develop Creative and Structured Thinking

Problems are not solved by getting to coding right away; programmers break the problem down into pieces which are tackled one at a time. It is rare for non-programmers to handle situations like this. Once you learn how to code, you become accustomed to a structured way of handling problems. This helps you to program your brain into segmenting issues into pieces. You become a logical thinker, and this helps you to be more creative in your solutions.

Programming Finds Easy Ways Around Issues

Computer programs are designed to turn a particular process into an automated and accurate system that does not fail, and it works the way you want it to work. Something that needs different functions can be programmed to work on a smartphone to enable the ease of using it, e.g., switching off electrical appliances in your house.

Filling online forms can be tedious, but being a programmer can help you counter this tedious process. Instead of spending the time to fill in your details, you can create a program to fill in your details with a single click. You can come up with programs to help you perform certain processes easily.

Have you tried playing online games like chess or scrabble on your smartphone or in computers? Why are the computer challengers smarter than you? It is because there are programs which have been designed to make the right moves. This applies to all games that have been developed for smartphones and computers. When you equip yourself with programming skills, you can easily equip yourself with the right skills to make your life simple.

Coding Can Teach You To Become Persistent

When you learn coding by yourself, through an online coding school, or through a coding event like the coding bootcamp dallas, you will be prepared to look at issues in terms of solutions. When you start looking at things like that, your mind will start operating that way. Your brain starts to look at solutions when you come by a problem. Even if the problem is tough, you will begin to find ways to solve it. You become a solution-oriented person.

Coders usually think logically about challenges. Once you learn how to code, you start looking for every possible solution to a life challenge. You build up the virtue of patience because you know that it is a matter of time before you find a solution. The effort injected into finding the solution is tested over and over again because once a program is complete, it is tested several times before the perfect solution is achieved.


Coding is powerful; even if you understand the basics, you can come up with tons of solutions to problems you encounter in your day to day life. Learning how to code gives you the power to tackle problems with advanced tools.


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