It feels like everywhere we look there’s another website, TV show, or life coach committed to helping others lose weight. You literally cannot turn on the TV without an onslaught of w eight loss experts, exercise regimens and “new” diets. While the support of these programs is phenomenal, there are so many people who still can’t lose weight.

The truth is that one of the reasons we can’t lose weight is because we CAN’T make a decision. NOT making decisions is a form of fear. Decisions are scary; it’s that simple. It means that something will change. From the big things, like new jobs and new loves, to the small things, like redecorating – decisions mean that something will change. If you’re on a journey to release excess weight, either for the first time or the hundredth, that decision needs to begin and be empowered by changing your mind.

Like other professionals in my field, there are a million tips I can share about the mechanism of losing weight, but I have to tell you that the MOST important part of my personal weight loss story came AFTER I lost 100 pounds. It began when I had to acknowledge that I was still unhappy. I had to take an honest look at how I felt – and the lack of DECISIVENESS that still existed in my life. That was where my real healing began. For many of us, that type of deep introspection must happen sooner, in order to clear away the clutter and begin a great weight loss effort.

Tip #1 You are PERFECT. You are wonderful, right now, exactly as you are. Yes, you may be feeling down on yourself because you can’t lose weight, but I am here to tell you that RIGHT THIS MOMENT, you are perfect. How can that be true? How can we be perfect AND need to change? Well that, Virginia, is the miracle. We ALL need to change. It is the human condition. But we are all also perfect. The universe says so. Love says so. We only need to lay doubt and fear aside and see that simple truth to be empowered forward.

Tip #2 Choose and Re-choose. If you’re ready to choose and claim that perfect you and grab the power to move forward, you have to know that it’s a “choose and re-choose” decision. Life will get in your way. It’s that simple. You must be committed to choosing to lay indecision on the side every single morning (and maybe a hundred times a day). You must remove it like an old coat. You must be committed to that ONE action to begin changing your mind and don’t accept the idea that you can’t lose weight.

Tip #3 Make a Decision to Get (and Give) Support – NO EXCUSES!

Example A) Find a personal body image mentor, a tele-course, a group seminar or a motivational on-line support group with experts.

Example B) Join a gym or simply join a walking or hiking club (or START one!).

Example C) Find time to exercise, even if it’s not an hour a day. Steal three, ten, or fifteen minute breaks to do squats in the ladies’ room or walk really fast around your block three times. The point is that recovery is definitely not one-size-fits-all, but there IS a perfect solution just for you.

So many of us live with the notion that we can’t lose weight because it feels like too big of a decision and too much of a change. Try to spend a few minutes today and just love yourself. Know that you are perfect and EMPOWERED to change. And then spend a few seconds and weigh your options. You CAN do this.

Laura Fenamore, CPCC, is a gifted Body Esteem and weight loss coach Laura is devoted to helping others find balance in their lives as well as celebrating their bodies and their health. Her vision is living in a world where health and body image are celebrated.

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