We’ve all seen it. Those impossible-to-ignore headlines that capture your attention. Do you really need the information on the other end of the link? Probably not. But chances are you’ve fallen prey to clickbait, and you’re probably not even mad about it. In fact, you may have become a customer of the website with the clickbait. Even if you didn’t buy anything from a clickbait site, the evidence shows that clickbait is an effective tool for increasing revenue. Here are 3 ways clickbait boosts your bottom line:


  1. Reduces advertising costs

If you can get a clickbait article to be successful for your business, you’ll reduce the amount you need to spend on attracting people to your website. Successful clickbait articles motivate people, emotionally, to read and share the article with others. When people are compelled to share your clickbait piece, they’re doing the outreach for you. For each person who shares an article with their friends your article is increasing its exposure. Whether your business is digital and ad revenue based or you have a product to sell, the bottom line is that the more people who are exposed to your website the more likely you are to see an increase in sales.


  1. Communicates your company’s values

Just because something is clickbait doesn’t mean the content is not valuable. The term clickbait may simply refer to a catchy headline that encourages you to find out what’s behind the link. If you’re running a campaign for an insurance company and you want potential customers to get free insurance quotes, you may consider content marketing that pitches another angle. Instead of writing an article about getting an insurance quote, an emotional piece about the significance of insurance can motivate people to read and share the article. From there, you can embed the content and call to action you want readers to take.


  1. Increases ad revenue

As a website owner, even if you do have a product to sell, you probably have a blog and may consider running ads on your site as a revenue stream. If you have this type of setup, clickbait articles will increase your ad revenue. This means that for every person you bring into your site, you’ll be earning more money. Although some of these types of bait-and-switch clickbait articles are being penalized by search engines, others are slipping through the cracks. Why? Well, if your article is clickbait but it provides value to the audience, the website is still consider legitimate by search engines. Be careful about getting too wild with clickbait content. Over time, the content that is high quality and important to its target audience is more likely to succeed than clickbait.


Clickbait articles can help you boost your bottom line quickly. You can build an audience faster and get more exposure for your product by using clickbait strategies. It’s important to note that clickbait strategies involve lots of time and effort. You’ll need a constant flow of content to keep your clickbait up to date. Beyond that, you’ll want to make sure that your clickbait articles are motivating people to take the actions you want to make your business succeed. Whether you want the reader to share the article, purchase a product, or take some other action, your call to action must be clear and aligned with the article. Although the entire Internet seems infatuated with cats, if you’re trying to sell a product to reptile pet owners, you may want to reconsider your narrative. Think of your niche and target audience, and write content that would apply to them. The greatest and most shareable clickbait is the article that lives up to the title and provides real information.


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