I spent a lot of time wondering why I wasn’t taking action or implementing the exact thing I said I wanted. I often felt confused, and I finally came to place where I iwas exhausted and tired of asking myself this question. I fully decided I wasn’t going to let another day, week, month, or year go by, feeling like I missed an opportunity.

Here are 5 tips to get you moving into your exact desires:

  1. Fully Decide: It is your time NOW and there is no better time to actively pursue your dreams. Why wait? The world needs you NOW. When we decide,  we instantly become empowered to take action. The women in my Bold, Brilliant & Rich Life Mastery Program are mastering the power of making decision, and as a result they are up-leveling their lives and business plans. They are now taking action toward the things they once just thought of.
  2. Create YOUR Plan & Work It: Fully embrace the idea that you are the captain of your ship! Your schedule is about doing the things you love. There is a huge difference in waking up and being clear about the intention and focus of the day, as opposed to waking up and scrambling, just trying to keep up with whatever comes your way. Make time in your schedule to create your plan and work it. I suggest awaking and giving yourself what I call an “Hour of Power.” As women we need more time for us! You can begin with thirty minutes and develop consistency, then work your way up to an hour. You will find over time you crave the full hour because it makes you feel unstoppable, and you begin to see the amazing things you’re accomplishing.
  3. Priority & Focus: Get clear on your top three priorities and focus on these. Whatever we put our attention and focus on, we get more of. Eliminate the things/activities that drain you from being able to prioritize and focus. Get clear about where you are leaking time and where energy is being drained. This will allow you to make empowered changes to set your priorities and focus on them.
  4. Own Your Truth: Get honest with yourself and own your truth. Your inner truth is always waiting to be acknowledged so it can emerge and give you the incredible life of success and abundance you’ve always wanted. Most women hide from their truth because they fear what they will find. They have a hunch and knowing that if they follow thnneir truth, their life will change in a powerful. This can be scary or they believe they aren’t deserving of their truth and the freedom it brings. You should know that your truth is the one thing that will set you completely free; the real thing you fear is your brilliance. Get quiet and own your truth. You ARE more than enough and you deserve to have the things you REALLY want deep inside.
  5. Support & Align yourself with like-minded people: It’s true what the success gurus say about the power of association. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, empowering individuals will keep you on track to your BIG goals and vision. This is the exact reason I invested in a high-level Mastermind group. When I feel as though my vision is too big, my Mastermind pushes me to dream even BIGGER. They see in me what I blindly do not see; they see my brilliance and push me to own my personal power. Because I’m constantly in contact with others who want the same abundant life I seek, it keeps me fully aligned with my goals. Being with a group like this will give support, encouragement and keep you taking action and accomplishing BIG things that bring the success you really want. You are full of potential surround yourself with the people, coaches and mentors that naturally pull this potential out of you.

Apply these 5 tips to your life TODAY – don’t wait – and you’ll find yourself closer to your BIG goals, dreams and vision every day.

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