5 Surprising Things About The Human Body

The human body is a complex machine, one that is full of magic and surprises. Nobody has been able to understand the human body completely, and it is quite understandable why. Our body is quite unlike anything else out there. It’s better than any human made invention.

Let’s have a look at 5 surprising things about the human body:

  1. DNA

The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is unique among every individual living on the planet. DNA can be found in every cell of our body and the statistics state that around 99.9% of DNA found in every cell is similar, which makes it very useful.

DNA is mainly used to catch criminals as it can be traced from every part of the body, including skin, saliva etc. However, these days DNA is used to help in other cases as well, such as parents looking to find their lost children. It is a truly unique thing and helps each individual get his or her own identity.

  1. Fingerprints

If you have a closer look at the tip of your fingers and thumbs, you can see spirals and ridges. These give every individual a unique fingerprint structure and there’s only a 1 in a 64 billion chance of coming across two similar fingerprint structures.

Fingerprints are magical. Since they are unique to an individual, just like DNA, they are being used all around the world in different industries to help identify individuals. Organizations use fingerprinting technology to give access to employees, government agencies use fingerprinting to clear immigration and identify individuals. You can even get your own record with your fingerprinting as most agencies now save records under fingerprinting. Find out more about getting fingerprints to obtain your criminal record.

  1. Brain- An Electric Power House

The human brain is made up of around 86 million brain cells and is composed of 73% of water. According to various researches, our brain can perform 10 to 16 operations in a single second, making it one of the fastest machines in the world.

Moreover, it can generate about 12 to 15 watts of electricity which is what you need to light a small LED bulb. Our brain is what gives us the ability to think, and is also said to be constantly working, even when we are asleep.

  1. Eyes

Eyes are one of the most beautiful creations of god that let us see all the beauty that is in the world. However, they might seem smaller and simpler, they’re not. They are made up of 107 million cells approximately and all of them are sensitive towards light.

It takes almost half of the brain to make our eyes perform regular functions such as blinking and concentrating on objects. Other than this, our eyes come with special powers that include getting used to darkness and even being able to see in little to no light.

  1. Saliva

The saliva in our mouth helps to break down food and further the process of digestion. It is a special kind of a substance that tells us a lot about our health.

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