5 Tech Skills That Every Employer Should Look For In New Hires

Evolving market conditions along with economic changes means that companies must stay at the top of their game. To do that, they need employees who are competent in their fields as well as with the latest technology. As you look to the later market, you should make sure that every one of your new hires has sufficient familiarity with the technology you use in your organization to produce and deliver goods and services. Get started by looking for the following five tech skills in every job candidate.



Sure, almost everyone has a mobile phone, but does everyone understand the importance of mobile technology to businesses? Probably not. Mobile readiness can involve everything from app development to internal communications and can determine the success of any company.

For your employees, mobile competence may also involve the responsible use of business applications to work remotely from home, customer sites and while on the road.



Businesses around the world rely on the Cloud to unify their workforces and deliver products and services. Your new employees may need to work remotely from home or customer sites, so will need to use the cloud.

In addition to using cloud-based resources, your new hires should understand how to provide service and support for your cloud-based applications. Similarly, if you develop and sell software, your team must understand how to program for cloud platforms.

Web skills

Small businesses need web-savvy employees who understand how to use popular CMS applications such as WordPress. Additionally, these firms need to look for new hires who know how to publish to social networks sites and interact with social media users.

Increasingly, companies need workers with expanded skill sets that include up-and-coming social media sites such as Instagram. Moreover, businesses increasingly depend on social media advertising and online lead-generating tools.



Employers increasingly need workers who can develop and troubleshoot code using JavaScript, Angular and Python. Add to the list development for iOS and Android platforms. In short, you should make sure your programmers have the skills they need before you take them on.

Even companies that do not sell software products need to have people who have programming skills. For example, modern applications often require configuration before they can interact with your GPU database.



Modern labor forces combine traditional and remote employees in an effort to control expenses and increase productivity. This means that communications skills have become essential to the success of any brand. Part of this requirement involves using the software and hardware tools needed to coordinate activities and eliminate redundancies. Although communications skills are important within the firm, they are also essential for providing excellent customer services. After all, if your team can’t understand what your customers want or what problems they have, satisfying them will be very difficult.



News headlines routinely include stories where customer data has been compromised by hackers. Additionally, companies increasingly are falling victim to ransomware attacks. In other words, a security lapse can cost you and your company much in terms of reputation and, therefore, sales. Your new hires should understand good security practices such as the creation of strong passwords and safeguarding their use. Also, they should understand the implications security threats such as those that come through email or social media. Needless to say, the exact technical skills that you should look for in new hires can vary dramatically. Still, the demands of the modern economy require that your entire team has the ability to use technology at work. Give yourself and your business the best chance to achieve goals and growth. Hire only people who demonstrate competence in the technologies you use and have exemplary communications skills and security practices.


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