By Michelle Hummel  

Although some people believe that great content will magically get exposure on its own, even the best content requires a push. When content isn’t actively marketed, it’s never going to get as much attention as it would if it were. In terms of what to focus on with your social marketing efforts, shares are a very good metric.

While shares themselves aren’t going to translate into new leads or customers, when the number of social shares for a piece of content continues to grow, it greatly increases the likelihood that more people from your target demographic will come into contact with your business. So if you want to put your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible, let’s take a look at six different ways to increase social media shares:


Write a Great Title

Regardless of how good a piece of content is, if it doesn’t have an awesome title, it’s not going to receive maximum exposure. In addition to spending enough time to come up with a great title, you may also want to use social media to test the effectiveness of different titles.

Share Through Relevant Sites Like Reddit

Even though your blog post may not be a good fit for the Reddit homepage, chances are there’s a subreddit with people who would enjoy reading and sharing it. By taking time to identify relevant subreddits and other forums, you can give your content a big social media boost. Just remember that it’s considered a social media best practice to spend some time contributing to an online community before you do anything that may be considered self-promotional.

Have a Keyword Strategy

Although keyword stuffing isn’t an effective strategy, doing your research to find relevant keywords and then incorporating them into a post will maximize its short and long-term exposure. If you’re concerned that you don’t have the resources to do keyword research, enlisting the social media services of an agency can take care of this issue for you.

Reach Out To Contacts

Since momentum can play a big role in the total amount of shares a piece of content receives, don’t be afraid to directly ask people in your network to check out your latest piece of content and then share it with others.

Choose the Right Time

A key social media marketing strategy that many people overlook is the impact of when an item is shared. As a rule of thumb, sharing earlier in the day is the best way to get as much exposure as possible.

Add a Picture

Pinterest isn’t the only social media site where images are important. Since data shows that pictures increase exposure on Twitter and Facebook as well, be sure to include at least one really great image in any post that you publish.

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