By Alex Web

In some cases a person who is working online can earn whooping amounts compared to a full time profession. But we have to be aware of the scams present in the internet. Frauds are flying like saucers in the webpages. We can discuss how to make legit money through online work.


1) Write articles and earn money: There are websites like iwriter and textbroker which will pay real money for the articles you writes. You can select any topic according to your wish and can earn money from the client by writing a genuine article. You can also post your articles to residual income writing sites. The website will pay you whenever some one reads your piece. Sites like trinod and expert coloumns are examples of residual income writing sites.

2) Sell Ad space: This is a great way to make money through online with out much effort. You can sell ad space in your webpage and blog to outside users. You will be paid whenever some one clicks the ad link. You have to make your blog traffic more in order to get more clicks. I recommend you to write some hot topics in the blog to attract readers.

3) Usage of job board sites: You can offer your services in job board type sites like, and You can place your bids for different assignments. Mostly, it will take time to get approval of your first bid. But If you get a bid and the client is satisfied with the result, you will get more work from the same person. If you are ready to take up the challenge and is patient in nature, freelancing will create magic for you.

4) Write an Ebook: If you have a passion for writing, try to publish an online book. Find out a topic in which you are interested, do some research and start writing. You can earn unlimited amount of dollars if your book is attracted by the audience.

5) Sell items on and Selling in online web stores is a great idea to make extra money. You can sell or re sell any items with you through Amazon and eBay.

6) Advertise your self as a virtual assistant: This is a growing arena with lots of opportunities. People are getting too much busy and due to financial crisis they opt virtual assistants than physical assistants. The work will be very simple in almost all the cases and is a great way to make money online.

7) Find work as a SEO Specialist: If you have skills in Search engine optimization, try your luck with some companies. If they are happy with the traffic generated, they will pay you nicely.

8) Work as an Online tutor: This is an unexplored arena in online money making. Companies like tutorvista and Pearson are paying whooping amount per hour for tutors working online.

Making money online is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and patience.

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