A Controversial Richie Mishal Talks on “Big Pharma” and Vitamins

RobertJRGraham.com Interviews Richie Mishal, Health Writer, Nutrition Expert and Body Builder.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and your background?

exercise-nutrition-andiegopurplecow-fitness-zone1My name is Richie Mishal. I am a nutritionist and a health writer with double major in nutrition science and anthropology. My qualifications include more than 20 years of experience in health, nutrition and bodybuilding. My education experience and knowledge gives me a unique perspective on bodybuilding, health and nutrition, a perspective which will help you in your fitness endeavors.

Your article “The Drug Pushers vs. Vitamin Supplements” strikes a chord with me.  I also believe in the value of vitamins, how have they affected your life?

Vitamins have affected every aspect of my life, how l feel, function, even my success and achievements. As l grow older, my lifestyle choices have more impact. What l took in stride in my twenties affects me differently now. A constellation of factors…stress, poor dietary habits, environmental factors and activity level, all have profound effects. I am always in control of my body and l will never allow myself to be victimized by poor nutritional status. Vitamins have greatly improved my own health, helping me lose weight and dramatically reverse a dangerous course towards high Cholesterol. So my advice to your readers is to catch your symptoms now, safeguard your bones, heart and health for the future.

There are many powerful documentaries now bringing these ideas to light, such as Food Inc., or Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, with tremendously positive impacts.  Do you think Big Pharma‘s agenda is to down play the effectiveness of vitamins?

Vitamin-D-pills1Of course, physicians are generally not taught very much about nutrition and health in medical school. After school, the drug companies take over physicians ongoing education, and these drug companies promote their patented high profits products, not inexpensive nutrition supplements. They spend billion of dollars in advertising to physicians and consumers, and they also influence how many so called scientific studies are conducted and published.

It’s unfortunate, but I agree with your opinion on the education in our medical systems.  With Hippocrates himself being quoted as saying “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine.” how did we end up removing the topics of food and nutrition from our medical schools?

Doctors are taught about pharmaceutical and surgical solutions. Perhaps it is no coincidence that roughly 20 percent of medical schools yearly budgets comes from the drug industry.

The impression these doctors get during medical school is that if isn’t being taught, it must be not important. But they are taught vitamins deficiencies can cause diseases and let’s not forget that the doctor who prescribes vitamins to his or her patients is viewed by their counterparts as a “quack”.

What l don’t comprehend is we don’t teach nutrition to doctors and we do not offer it to most of the sick, yet we provide a nutritionist to every patient in the hospital. Lastly, l’ll say to all your readers that try to have access to a nutritionist at first sign of a health problem to keep their bodies from breaking or getting sick.

You’re also the inventor of a revolutionary program called “The Three Pillars of Health & Nutrition,” what’s this about and what can this system do for people?

deadlift_girl_cleanI developed “the three pillars of health and nutrition” program to help people achieve their ultimate fitness goals. Whether you want to gain muscles, lose weights, or live a healthy long life, you must adhere to three essential factors “pillars” 1) Diet. 2) Exercise. 3) Nutrition Supplements. This program is about give people a good understanding on how to eat right, train hard, and how-to-build-muscles-fast-191x300take a variety of sports nutrients to ensure their progress. If you disregard any of these pillars your achievement will be slow or will never achieve your ultimate fitness goal. Some people don’t take supplements and that’s wrong because nutrition supplements can increase your strength and muscle size, enhance, and keep your immune system strong, making them essential tools in your training regimen.

I’m glad you’re taking a positive stance on the topic of “excess vitamins.”  Do you think there’s any real harm in higher doses?  I’ve even heard this can heal a wide range of problems, ranging from depression to even cancer.  What are your thoughts on this?

Vitamins are extraordinary safe. There are only two vitamins, vitamin A and D that pose some risk in very high doses because the body stores them. However, it’s unlikely that most people will overdose on them. The more common problem is that people don’t get enough of them. We must bear in mind that your body will never absorb 100 percent of the vitamins you consume. If it did, you’d never have to go to the bathroom. you actually absorb a relatively small portion of what you take. So l always say, it’s important to follow the usage directions on bottles of these vitamins.

Thanks for interviewing Richie.  Where can we find more of your health articles and opinions?

Yes, you can find more of my health articles and opinions on my blog at, richiemishal.wordpress.com. Thank you so much for interviewing me on your respected magazine!

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