A Strange Way to Fall Asleep

This technique is easy to usef once you have learned to control it. It is the learning that makes most people give up – it requires effort which requires patience. Most likely you will not learn it in one session. It will probably take weeks. Those weeks are going to pass anyway so you may as well practice while they drift by.

When I wish to sleep, I get very comfortable because I do not want my body interfering with my mental activities Then I calm my mind. I briefly feel the silence of my mind. In this silence I select a random portion of the swirling meaningless visual space before my minds eye and concentrate on that.

I keep my focus intently on that particular section of my awareness. I will not let it go. I hold that emptiness and suddenly I am in my sleep.

Yes, it is that simple. Once you can get into the gap you have amazing mastery over your mind. You can focus more easily and feel your intuitive voice much more keenly. In fact in many ways you become your intuition.

You do not have to try har d to use this technique. Rather the only thing you need to do is maintain your focus on the space between your thoughts.

You do not have to focus inwardly as if your silence is hidden away in the depths of your soul. Like many keys to life, the answer lies in doing the opposite to what you were taught. All of existence is here now in this one place called consciousness. Deep thought and shallow thought are all here now. Truth is not hidden away, it is here wherever you are.

There is nowhere to go when you sleep. When you sleep, you are not falling into the depths of anything, you are simply changing your conscious awareness. You are always here now, even if you are not always aware of it. There is no other space where existence is but here now where you are.

Sometimes after a deep sleep you will awake while still in your sleep. You can stay in this state for as long as you wish. This is simply meditation but it is treated by many as if it is some deep mystical experience. In this state you have an awareness of two worlds. While you are in this state, you are free to ask what you will, for it is your private space. It is not holy, it is wholly you! There cannot be any part of you that is special and spiritual, it is all just you.

Use this technique even if you only want a two minute rest. It is still effective. It is the same technique used to meditate. Except, when you meditate, it is better to make sure that you are not tired, that is if you want to remember the experience clearly.

If you do go to sleep when you meditate, it does not matter, you will not miss out on any sacred messages or have some gffffuru master whack you on the head out of kindness. It is no big deal, it is all your space and it is all your life. However it is better to teach your body that there is clearly a time to meditate and a time to sleep.

Colin Perini

Author of ‘The Creative Way’ – A Guide to Your Personal Creativity

Colin Perini is a Master of Creativity. His blog, ‘The Creative Way’ talks about unleashing your personal creative talents for both your artistic and practical life. The book is based on creative ways learned through 30 years experience as a self-employed artist. His writings encourage you to release the hidden artist within.

You can read some of his creative and inspiring comments at: [http://thecreativeway.com.au]

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