The forms have been filed. The balances paid. Refunds are being issued. Except for a few late filers, the tax season has drawn to a close. The finance and accounting industries are breathing a collective sigh of relief and reflecting on this year’s experiences. Many of the working professionals of those industries may be considering the hours they spent buried in Excel a6and thinking that there should have been an easier way. If the experience was particularly frustrating, they may be asking themselves whether Excel works for them or the other way around. Given the arsenal of functions available in the program, true mastery is probably not necessary. If Excel has been nothing but a frustration, however, advanced Excel training could the solution.

Like any other program, Excel is supposed to be a tool. The problem with tools is that the more complex they become, the more difficult it is to get the desired results with them. Anyone that has ever used a universal remote control can appreciate this idea. If the user has a highly developed understanding of the tool and the components it is using, whether that is a TV, VCR, and DVD player or a database of financial information, they make the tool look easy. In the average office, there is rarely more than one person with the advanced Excel training to make it look easy. The average Excel user will experience the same frustration as the average universal remote user when trying to accomplish complicated processes.

The experience usually results in the task being accomplished, but it took so long that it was time prohibitive to try to repeat. This is perhaps the most frustrating part of lacking advanced Excel training. The user knows it can be done, may have done it, yet can’t justify the time spent to do it again. Moreover, they realize that buried somewhere in the gram there’s a shortcut to accomplish the task at hand in a fraction of the time. Advanced Excel training can help to remedy this sore spot in the life of the accounting and finance professional by stripping away the mystery of the program, revealing the shortcuts, and ending the ceaseless frustration.

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