By Thomas K 

Why do people play MMO’s? For some it is a way to escape reality and loose themselves in a different world and life. Many are content to have the opportunity to take their time and play the game. Other players want to conquer the game and the other players. They are not satisfied until they are the top of the world, literally. With the new game Aion there is a game guide that will help both types of players play their game.

1. Be a Top Player.

Aion Mastery game guide has been designed to help players of both races become the ultimate Daeva. There are two leveling guides, one for those playing the Elyos race and one for those playing the Asmodian race. A player of either race can almost level up at will without spending a lot of time or money. No more frustrating hours of playing without gaining, growing or leveling up. A player can now play at their own pace and be where they want to be just by following the advice, techniques, tips, tricks and strategies found in the game guide.


2. Don’t Let the Game be in Control.

Aion Mastery game guide gives the control to the player. The player will know what to create, when to create and what to farm to earn the most Kinah. It also gives all the information required to successfully level up and surpass other players. All the information and advice in the guide will result in less time and money being needed to become a top player. Basically an individual will have enough information about each level and how to play that they can dominate from the very beginning.

3. Be a Kinah Millionaire.

Kinah is very important in Aion. The Aion Mastery game guide helps players optimize and increase their Kinah earnings right away. It involves knowing what to craft and what to grow. Once a player understands what they need to do to have the highest influx of Kinah it is simply a matter of time and Kinah management before they become Kinah Millionaires. Success does not have to be measured by the levels reached or how much Kinah a player has. A player with the Aion Mastery guide will have both.

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