By Henry M. Piironen

All spiritual values propose actions that can be taken. Amongst a multitude of possibilities, they might concern the choice of mentality, reactions, how life can be experienced in the spirit of love, and choosing what have been taught in the spiritual teachings and what can be applied from the realism they speak of, one in essence makes the spiritual teachings manifest through one’s actions. It is the exact event of word coming to life, word that has been given by the spirited teaching, and to live spiritually is choose the spiritual choices of actions, that accumulate throughout time to manifest the spiritual path you have walked and lived through, facing the challenges of the spiritual life, perhaps even fought the battle of light and darkness that has defined the spirit of humanity for thousands of years.


By studying religious scriptures, one also develops his or her intuition. Similarly when one is asked what the clouds are, and knows without any line of reasoning that it because water is in its gassed form in the clouds after learning that in the school, the spiritual teachings become a part of one’s intuitive capacity. Thus, when the circumstances are correct, a spiritual teaching may associate to one’s mind, causing it as a representation to become a part of the existing choices in the rapidly exceeding time and circumstance. Studying scriptures of enlightened mind, one may well become aware of the representational nature of the mind, and thus extends the awareness to a more heightened state. And as recognizing the images of the mind as such, he or she may become more relaxed and unbind to them, since their nature has altered to represent something that is under the constancy of alteration.

Spirituality is not like a vaporizing cloud of illusions, or following desires that cannot give lasting satisfaction as they are like a thirst that must be satisfied daily, thus fragmenting the path of the short human existence to inconsistent ways. Spirituality is the path of spiritual choices that assemble the path of life the individual lived throughout his or her life, living from spiritual thoughts receiving empowerment from them similarly with how one feeds his or her body, sometimes in the hardships that exists in the area of life between love and darkness, sometimes finding the better on the best courses of actions that can be taken, while also extending the capacity of one’s compassion towards others who have come to existence; spirituality is ordinary life for the spirited, who perceive life beyond the issues that trouble ordinary life, as spiritual life is extraordinary way of life.

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