Thanks for interviewing Jordan, you have quite the extensive performance career. What started you off in this direction?

Twisted_Insane_FlyerWell it’s funny I played violin for years and years and years. The wonderful world of music was brought on to me at such a young age. Played in some joke bands here and there…Even auditioned for some screamo bands in high-school. I guess what really got me ticking is the fact that I saw most people really wanted this as only a hobby. It always kinda irked me, like if you think you’re good at something or you believe in something, why don’t you wanna show the world? I feel like there are lots of people that don’t share their talent or brains with people and they just keep it to themselves, it always bothered me. I’m not saying I’m the best thing next to sliced cheese I’m just making a statement. What it came down to for me was the fact I couldn’t really find anybody that had the same work ethic as myself…Everybody was kinda like I’m gonna go to school for this but play this instrument for fun. Like NO! Why can’t you have fun and make money at the same time? So yeah [laughs].

I get the sense you’ve always put music first, despite your long list of modeling and acting credits. What inspires you to stick to music?

That is a correct statement Robert. Music has always been in the back of my mind as my number one priority, now if I could have told myself that a few years ago I’d be better off [laughs]. Music for me is a way to get things off my chest. Some of my own problems mixed with problems everyone deals with. In acting or modeling, you always have to do what you’re told – make this face, say this, act like this etc. Wear this and don’t do this, do that. That shit always annoyed me. I always want to have creative control. While I met a lot of people, I noticed that although enjoyable it never was what I fully wanted. Now I’m okay with having a nice small role, but you get the picture. It’s inspiring to me to write music that moves people, touches people, and defends people, all while having great imagery and direction. Everything about my music including my look, creative direction for writing music and also videos was not created by anyone else it was created by myself.

What was it like opening for the Wu Tang Clan?

It was never the full Wu-Tang Clan, it was Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan…but yeah man I enjoyed it. It wasn’t anything crazy. The venue certainly wasn’t the most pleasant place, but it was whatever. I can’t say I actually took the time to talk or meet the dude. Myself and Yacht Club Music Group basically just went up and did our thing and bounced…Besides the event promoter that night was a serious dickhead [laughs].

Your music video for “Adult Beverages” was pretty crazy and intense – can you explain the black mask character?

Yeah man and here is where it really comes down to not only what ‘Adult Beverages’ and the video was like, but also the entire meaning behind the title of the project, ‘Dichotomy: The Mixtape’. The word dichotomy (quoted from Merriam Webster) means a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities. So in theory, this would mean a person could have two different entities. The black mask character in the song represents the evil, twisted, and dark ways a person can act or even become when on alcohol if used improperly. You see one person is two people…A person OFF alcohol and A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT person ON alcohol. This same method can be tried and true across all the hits on the record.


Your latest album “The Dichotomy Mix Tape” has a really good beat, I particularly enjoyed Dreamin’. What was it like working with J.Halkz?

J.Halkz is a really talented dude man. He really is. Very good at what he does. The dude can come up with lyrics sometimes in a week that could take me an entire month. I kinda had this beat and I was like, ” Yo, I got this really sad beat something that almost just wants you to pour out your feelings and I kinda want you to jump on it”. He kinda was like, “Ok” and that was it. It’s funny so many people like that song man, but I dig it, I mean we made it [laughs]. You know J.Halkz didn’t only just jump on that track, he actually helped me record the whole project in his home studio. He’s a real good dude, he really is.
Can you share a bit about your experience in The Amazing Spider-man, and America’s Got Talent?

The Amazing Spider-man and America’s Got Talent were definitely some cool experiences in my past. The Amazing Spider-man was really cool, I remember us shooting a city hall scene with a villain. But it was weird because you have to sometimes act like something’s there when it’s really not. I mean remember these things (and especially this movie) have to go through CGI effects and everything. But anyway, someone shouted “Hey look! It’s Spider-man!”, and we all turn to look at the top of the building even though there’s nothing there. But anyway, there was this kid shooting a picture of him with his camera phone and this was the middle of the screen of the camera, nothing else. So the director pulls me aside, and he says, “Are you SAG or Non-SAG? Eh, fuck it come with me.” Verbatim. I remember them setting me next to the guy with the camera phone, They told me to look at the camera with him. It was so cool, I was like wow!

America’s Got Talent is a whole other story, and something I did when I didn’t quite find my sound yet, but nonetheless I did it. It was an exciting experience and I thought it was my time to shine and be prepared for lift-off, but I was wrong. I can’t honestly blame anybody but myself for this one. I definitely met some cool people and one of the producers loved me, but ultimately I only made it to Stage 2 and that was the end. I got to skip the line of thousands of people too and go right to my audition which was also pretty awesome [laughs].

Thanks Jordan. Where can we find out more about your work, and up coming projects?

Right now I’m trying to write new stuff but it’s also hard because I still just wanna book shows and do interviews etc. Meet with managers, A&R’s. I mean the album really isn’t that old if you think about it. I mean it only came out 6 months ago…so I still have 6 months left [laughs]. I wanna shoot a new video for the fans but I’m also about meeting new people that have the potential to further my career. I just gotta keep the content coming and keep the fans engaged. That’s really it man. I’m outtie 3000.

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