1. What inspired you to write this adventure story? 

Because it is all true + wanted to share!

  1. How long have you been interested in writing children’s books.

It just happened + 2nd Book is for teenagers 1st Book is for children + even adults !

  1. Can you tell me a bit about your main characters? 

I am the 1st girl born in my family in 102 years..Fredrick The Butterfly..we saved his life..he/she lived with my family for 3 days in the living room at the Jersey Shore..Amazing how he thanked us..Malibu Kool Kat is my real life rescue cat..he goes to the book store where children talk to him + pet him + we read books..also I walk him on a leash + take him places..he has a live + let live personality..very humble + grateful!

  1. You’ve focused on children, can you give us insight on to why you’ve selected this focus? 

I was raised to help people in one way or another..Love it..All about the Love + Kindness ..Remember we are all floating up in the sky on this round thing with other creatures..we all are in the same boat People + living creatures have feelings, see things, hear things, + experience Adventures.BE NICE to + care @ every living thing..

  1. There is a compelling story throughout, did you come up with this yourself or did you have other influences? 

Everything is True from me..except 2nd book is now fiction because obviously Fredrick The Butterfly + Malibu Kool Kat we’re not with me in NYC, or when I took handmade Flags on a string that local children in Malibu made to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali..there is an official article in Malibu Surfside News..(did not know they were going to do that). I
put @ the end of 2nd Book..

  1. How was the publishing process for you, how did you find an illustrator? 

Publishing was a lot of work + enlightening+
Fun too..My publishers had illustrators..I designed the scenes, colors, directed the artist basically..Publishers went out of business..look them up Tate..they have a nightmare going
on..My 2nd book with the help of Christina Hicks Creative..did Same Thing..now do not want a publisher..Love a publicist

  1. Do you have other adventures for your readers? 

Have Tons + lots of True stories

  1. Where can we find out more about your work? 

You can call me + am on Amazon. Fredrick The Butterfly

Amazing Adventures of Fredrick The Butterfly Plus Karen & Malibu Kool Kat!   By Karen Ann Smythe.


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