Can you tell us a bit about your career and background with your music?

I started playing guitar at 12, got my first gig at 15. Music was my full time income by 24…strictly bar gigs. Since then I’ve made 2 full length albums and am now looking forward to a third:)!

What was it like as a Canadian country singer heading down to Nashville?

I was stoked to see how we’d get along…and we get along fabulously.

You have a unique blend of country and rock, who have been your major influences?

Kenny Rogers, Bon Jovi, Eric Church and Zac Brown.

You’ve been touring a lot around Toronto and Canada, can you name of a few of your highlights?

The East Coast has a wonderful energy of friendliness and music….It’s definitely a great spot to visit and play music. As well traveling through the Rocky Mountains was spectacular!~

With “Alcohol Abuse” now released to radio across Canada and the United States, you must be pretty busy. How has it been for you since releasing the single and album?

Busy:)  Non stop.

Where can we find out more about your up coming appearances?


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