An Interview with SafeTeeVision CEO, Jeff Goldstein

Thank you for interviewing with I’m happy to have the opportunity to interview CEO Jeff Goldstein, a visionary at the top of his industry.

Can you tell us a bit about your background Jeff?

Business-man-outdoors-loo-007Thanks for having me on; I have been in the Automotive Industry for over 25 years, I started off as a shop manager, then bought my own. After a few years of running my own business I decided to finish college and open up a few more shops. Five years later I had earned enough to retire but was urged to come out of retirement by an old college buddy, who worked for SafeTeeVision, he informed me on how they were the company who developed the entire line of headlight cleaning products. As a former shop owner I was shocked to find out the all the retail products derived from one company. I ended becoming a distributor for them and worked my way up, here I am almost ten years later as CEO.

How did you become so successful? What was the key for you?

Well with SafeTeeVision the success comes easily because the product sells itself, we have never advertised on any level. All the money we could spend on marketing goes towards research and development in order to keep the best product on the market. For me the easiest part is that everything is done in-house, we don’t have to outsource anything we do. The success of the company lies in the low price for buyer who inturn can transfer his cost savings to the consumer.

What is “SafeteeVision?”

headlight_chartSafeteeVision is the #1 Supplier of headlight restoration products in the world, supplying products on every continent and restoring over 17 Million headlights a year. The company has been in existence since 1986 and has been functioning globally since 2003. SafeteeVision provides the most potent and longest lasting results compared to any other headlight restoration product, and it provides it at a lower cost than the competition

Some readers might be thinking… well how successful are you? Could you share some facts about how well SafeteeVision is doing?

We are the wealthiest privately owned Automotive Aftermarket Company in the world, including all our subsidiaries and partner companies we do over 750 Million dollars in Sales a Year. We have over 300,000 Independent contractors Worldwide who function in sales or distribution, and a total of over 11.5M a month is earned in commission by these contractors. SafeteeVision is found in 75% of store Brand headlight renewal systems that buy and repackage it to sell at a higher price. We are also found in over 2.5 Million automotive locations worldwide in its original OR repackaged form.

How important do you think research and development is in your success formula?

603881_10151239309838840_855105817_nIt is the basis of everything we do, we don’t waste our time trying to find cheap temporary fixes we put our all into producing a product that works better and longer than the competition. The only way to ensure we remain at the top of the food chain is to make sure our product is the best hands down and also to keep it affordable, which is easy to do since we do not have any stock holders to please.

Did you have a particular mindset throughout your process of growing and making SafeteeVision a world leading supplier?

Yes our mindset over here is to let the product speak for itself, when you have a quality product and people realize it, it begins to sell itself.

Thanks very much Jeff, where can we find out more about you and your company?


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