How is Big Wolf Marketing helping small businesses?

bigwolfAs one of the UK’s leading Telemarketing we have helped businesses of all sizes. In the SME sector we’re helped lots of companies drive the business forward by greatly increasing their sales pipeline. For example, we recently worked with a l local accountancy firm, and in the course of just 2 months campaign, we have increased their client base by 20% and the uptake of their peripheral services by 35%, this has had a significant impact on the business.

Can you make small businesses more competitive?

We can’t make a small business more competitive, but we can give businesses the competitive edge by focusing on their strengths and selling their advantages in a more effective way. By talking with potential clients and empathising with their challenges we can propose services and products based on the clients needs, by identifying the challenges that the offering solutions can solve. Friendly, communicative, articulate and personal style consultative selling is what can really give SME’s the edge.

What are some of the methods you use to help small businesses grow?

We have a number of different services, from digital engagement, harnessing the power of social media, nurturing qualities of e-marketing, through to telemarketing lead generation and appointment setting. Everything that we do, is part of a well conceived bespoke marketing strategy that we create, propose and implement for each individual client, based on their needs, challenges and goals.

Who are some of the clients you’ve helped?

We have helped a clients in most sectors, from IT to finance, Facilities management to precision engineering, if there is a sales process, we can consistently deliver.

bwservicesWhat can we expect from your services and associated costs?

When you decide to choose Big Wolf Marketing, you gain an extension to your business, we have the same key goals as you, because when you succeed we succeed, that’s the nature of our business and its that which has created a client based of loyal customers for our growing agency. When it comes to cost, our services vary depending on a clients needs, pricing is very much based on the project goals.

Where can we sign up? or better call us on 0118 9485718.

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