9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective (Channel: Wendy Kennedy, 2006)

Earth has been seeded with the DNA of many many species throughout the galaxy.
The civilizations that are important for you to be aware of are Atlantis and Lemuria,
because they are resurfacing again.
There were 3 great civilizations with Atlantis.
Atlantians and Lemurians shared the planet.
And they were the two great civilizations on it at that time.
And there were other beings who would come and go,
but for the most part they were the permanent occupants.

During the last civilization of Atlantis, before the great downfall, approximately 13,000 years ago, you had the Annunaki, who were stationed, as it were, in the solar system on the planet Mars. They were harvesting materials from Mars. They ruled a great deal of the property / planet in the Sirian and Orion galaxies [meaning solar systems here]. And they’re from Nibiru, all right? And the planet does pass through this galaxy [solar system] as it was knocked out of its orbit by a comet, all right? So, it is not actually a part of your solar system.  It is aligned with the Sirian solar system.

They are scavengers. And they play their role in the play of duality. They have forgotten how to tap into their emotional bodies. They were more concerned with experiencing the depths of physicality, the pleasures of the flesh, about being grounded, exploring sexuality and what it was to be a very physical being. They were not interested in the spiritual aspects of it. So as time progressed, they lost touch with that emotional side. And in the process, they have lost touch with their connection to other beings, to their responsibility and the repercussions of their actions.  They have lost their consciousness, as it were, their sense of conscience.

The Annunaki during the end of the Atlantian life-times, did interact with the Atlantians.

Within the structure of Atlantis you had those who were purists,
who believed that nature should not be tampered with in any way, shape, or form;

you had the opposite extreme,
the polarity that believed nature could be altered and it did not matter what action that they took;

And then you had those who were the middle of the road who thought:

“well, if we can do this for the betterment of our species, then,
we can work with nature and we need to be mindful of what we’re doing to the Earth”.

So you had all three levels.

The Annunaki saw the opportunity… to kind of push it over the edge, push Atlantis over the edge: to support those who were going to bring about the downfall; for complete lack of respect for the Earth. And they played a small part in that because they saw the potential to be the ruling species, as it were, on this planet, because they had pretty much destroyed what was left of Mars.

They took advantage of the downfall of Atlantis. With Lemuria/Atlantis gone there was no one to really question what they were doing, how they were utilizing Earth’s resources.

A View of Earth from Saturn

They also saw the opportunity to re-write history. They utilized the current genetic structure of humans and to manipulate it to their benefit. So the DNA was deconstructed. So you were left with two strands of DNA to keep you from remembering that you were whole and connected to other realms and dimensions because you had the ability in other times to communicate with the other realms. That was very common in Atlantis and in Lemuria. And many of the Lemurians went back to Lyra, which was their home world.*

So: The Annunaki have rewritten history and they continue to use human beings to do their work. So you have events that are controlled and manipulated on this planet, for a benefit: and at the end of the day it’s all about amassing power, it’s all about amassing energy. And they feed off the emotional bodies of humanity because they no longer have the ability to tap into their own.

So they’re are very grounded in ritual, because that is the only way that they can create a high enough frequency to tap into some of the other aspects that human beings have the ability to, because you are reconnecting your genetic structure.

They are playing the role of the dark. There are others of you who are awakening and playing the role of the light. And because you are both light and dark, you cannot have one without the other, what you need to work on right now is finding the middle ground, which is the path of compassion. So we may see some dastardly deeds going on, so you may see some things happening with your environment that you’re not happy with and this is something not to feel angry about but to understand that it serves its purpose. So when you have events that create a tremendous amount of turmoil, such as your events of September 11th [9/11].

“The Annunaki walk a very fine line. They have the potential to generate great amounts of fear, or to push people so far that they find compassion.”

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