Let’s imagine that all the people in your life that you have relations with affect you in one way or another leading to a “knock-on” effect with everyone else in your social network. What if these re 6alations can get seemingly understood through the magic of a little known social science called Socionics.

So what is this Socionics?

Regarded by many as one of the greatest discoveries in the 21st century for how it accurately describes the nature of relationships giving ample reasons to the casualties of miseries, pains and joys etc. By breaking down an individual’s psychological make-up into a whole range of variables and grouping them into common themes for example we can logically fathom reasons behind their behavior towards others.

Relationships then become a statistically predictable element in the quest for success through choosing one’s associates carefully and deliberately whilst quickly recognizing those who impede progress and demote one’s psychological health.

That’s all well and good but how does Socionics help me?

Ever wondered why friend “A” never seems to get on with friend “B” or why your spouse divorced you or why that new employee turned into a crazy delinquent who stole from the company? Well So6cionics may hold the answers by helping you appreciate the “behind the scenes” social dynamics at play.

It sounds to me like you need a consultant like myself to guide you through a process of self-discovery and peer-discovery which together form a unique edge on the social world. Through the rote mastery of this art your powers of social perceptiveness will increase by no less than 53% with an 84% accuracy in determining the real “chaos” of your relationships enabling you to quickly find a solution without the need for any external assistance.

Tell me more about the practical applications of Socionics…

This emerging specialty has many untapped possibilities. For example, you could use Socionics to enhance your counseling skills, find ways to effectively deal with harassment at work/school and build a team from the ground up with increased chances of success etc.

What is the future of Socionics?

And so the race begins to spread this knowledge around the globe and establish itself as the basis for the next standards in relationship analysis and social profiling. Can you imagine combining an application based on Socionics with the hugely popular Facebook? We’d end up with a social networking site where every one of your relations gets classified and can literally appreciate the value of their network more intuitively.

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