Are You Diet Ready?

For that matter, are you even exercise ready? Americans spend $61 billion supporting the weight loss industry but often fail because they are not diet or exercise ready. They may be sustaining the industry, but are they really supporting themselves in permanent change?

How many of us have homes littered with failed attempts at losing weight or attempting exercise plans guaranteed to take the pounds off and give us new bodies?

You know what I’m talk ving about:

o the dusty food scale stored on the top shelf of your kitchen,
o the specially designed measuring cups to count every morsel you’re eating,
o cookbooks and low-calorie recipes torn out of magazines and piled in a drawer,
o special elastic bands, so old that they’ve lost their elasticity,
o that piece of equipment to shrink your abs, butt and core now draped with clothes in the corner of your room.

It’s embarrassing to look at this stuff because it’s a reminder of failure, a reminder of money spent and no results to show for it. How many of us will beat ourselves up today for failing and not being strong enough to lose weight or exercise? Ironically, this negative self-talk creates a negative state of mind which may cause us to eat more, to sit lumped in front of the TV or computer, and to comfort ourselves from the mental stress of defeat with other destructive behaviors.

It’s time to forgive yourself and realize that you simply were not ready for the changes you wanted and attempted to make.

How do you know when you’re ready? You are ready when you are willing to change the story about yourself that you have believed all your life up until now. It boils down to one fact:

Are you willing to create a new story for your life?

Forget the excuses, let go of the “shoulds,” move beyond the “if only’s,” and ask yourself this one question: Am I willing or not?

All the many things that go into any achievement can be reduced to one clear and simple factor. And that is: Am I willing?

When you are willing to do what it takes, you’ll find a way. When you are willing, though circumstances conspire against you, you’ll get it done anyway. When you’re truly willing, the problems have a way of being transformed into opportunities. When you’re really willing, the disappointments have a way of making youtt even more determined.

If you’re willing, that’s great – go for it with everything you have.

Yet if you’re not willing, there’s still a way to become so.

For those of you reading this who are unwilling and know it, consider it a gift. To be honestly awake to that fact is great news. There is hope. Step one is being aware that you are unwilling and seeking internal and external guidance to get you to willingness.

If you are aware of your resistance, then most likely you have the courage to ask for assistance. There are gifted people to support you through this journey. I know – I am one of them.

I have been where you are. Now being on the other side and looking back, I have so much love and compassion for wherever you are. More importantly, from this perspective, I see what is possible for you and know that, as you become more willing, doors will open and people will appear to guide you easily and effortlessly.

You don’t have to know the way or have any answers. You just have to take the first step!

Laura Fenamore, CPCC, is a gifted Body Esteem and weight loss coach. Laura is devoted to helping others find balance in their lives as well as celebrating their bodies and their health. Her vision is living in a world where health and body image are celebrated.

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