Has it actually come to the point where the bridges with your ex have been burnt so severely that there is no hope in hell? Are you certain that it is impossible at this point to even get your ex to talk to you again? Whatever happened, I want you to pay close attention, because I’m going to give you a dirty trick that is guaranteed get your ex no matter what.

Whatever happened between the two of you, know that it will be turned around once you understand the strategy I am about to share with you. This requires a transformation in your emotions and a “paradigm” shift in your approach to the relationship. The only way that you will make a significant shift in your ex’s behaviour and their attitude towards you, is by doing something radically different.

So here it is. You see, right now you are currently trapped in an emotional state of hurt, hopelessness and discouragement. There is no hope whatsoever that you will ever bring your ex back acting and feeling in this way. If you really want your ex back, you need to profoundly change your attitude. Get out of your weak, dis-empowered state that makes you extremely vulnerable and gives your ex full power.j

Right now I want you empower yourself with new emotions. Confidence, pride, passion, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, cheeriness. You better start getting very familiar with these words, because these are going to be the basis for your new persona. The new empowered you who is in control. Who makes their own decisions and who takes charge in their life.

The you who is desperate and needy no longer exists. Because this person will not get anything in life. Only misery, failure and loneliness in the grand scheme of things. So change your mindset, start embodying your mind strongly with empowering emotions and focus strongly on exactly what you want in your life.

Ultimately your ability to get your ex back depends on your ability to manage your emotions and manage your response to each difficult situation that comes up in the relationship. You know now how to master your feelings and that is a very powerful tool. Your mastery will be the difference between having a successful relationship long term or having the relationship falter over time.

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