Many people dream about becoming successful, perhaps you are one of them. In reality though, few people think about preparing for success ahead of time. The first thing we need to understand is the fact that “success” begins with a shift in mindset. When you realize that success is not just about achieving a goal or getting better at what you do, then you can see it for what it really is. True success is a progressive process of self-mastery and personal growth.

Success changes much more than just the results you are producing. It actually changes who you are on a core level. It is the expression of this innex r change that will inevitably create changes in every aspect of your life. If you’re not prepared for the internal changes, upheaval and turmoil can follow. Lack of preparation can even lead to self-sabotaging internal conflict.

A little foresight and planning can assure that this transition will be a smooth one. Let’s consider some key areas where changes will occur and think about how we might prepare ourselves ahead of time.

1) Your Mindset

Obviously, some of the biggest changes you experience during the success process will be mental. How do we know this? Very simply, when we examine the differences in mindset between successful people and those who are unsuccessful, the contrast is like night and day!

How can you go about the task of preparing your mind for success? Basically, you will want to take steps to build yourself up. For example you may want to devote some time to encouraging yourself with positive self-talk, boosting your confidence and sense of self-worth. You should give yourself legitimate approval while affirming your abilities and recognizing your accomplishments. Make this a pattern by doing it as often as you can.

Neglecting this mental conditioning aspect to “success preparation” could result in your feeling overwhelmed by your own accomplishments. It sounds crazy I know but success can create a lot of anxiety. This happens because greater success usually means increased responsibility as well. If you’re not prepared to handle the pressure, self-sabotaging defenses can kick in and undermine your accomplishments.

2) Your Physical Bearing

By means of neural programming you can use your physical body to reinforce and support the idea of success. Let me explain: With greater success will come a more purposeful stride, straighter spine, and perhaps a tendency to hold your head a little higher and look people in the eye.

Why not adopt those body-language patterns now to train success into your nervous system? Be alert to your physical bearing. If you catch yourself slouching, avoiding eye contact or walking in a way that lacks conviction, make adjustments. Otherwise your body language will send a signal that you lack confidence and are not equipped to handle the success you desire. Body language reveyals a lot, not just to others but also to your own nervous system.

You should begin immediately to carry and conduct yourself like a person who is proud of their accomplishments and confident in their ability to achieve still greater things. Your body will convey the message both to others, and your own psyche.

Your wardrobe also plays an important part in the message you send. Are you dressing for success? The cloths you choose to wear should reflect your successful mindset. Choose clothing that makes you feel confident and presentable. If you look and act like a successful person, you will feel like one as well.

3) The Attitude of Gratitude

Great success without the right perspective can often breed arrogance. Developing gratitude for your accomplishments while on the journey to success will encourage humility and compassion. The right attitude about success will allow you to build your character and strengthen your integrity. Always remember where you came from, and never take your blessings for granted.

By focusing on these three aspects of your personal development, you will be prepared to enjoy your success on every level. In the long run, you will do much more than just attain success; you will actually become a truly successful person.

My name is Jonathan Wells and your personal growth and development is very important to me. You can find loads of practical self-improvement information on my blog at You will fi

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