Art of Transforming Energy to Manifest Money

by Charlsie Winston

Life is energy. Money is energy. . . and there’s plenty of both!

The difference between being aware of our natural abundance and owning a hefty portion of it is one of the main spiritual lessons we come to the earth plane to learn. This process involves the art of transforming energy and using your thoughts and ideas for manifesting money.

We live in a 3-D world that reflects back to us the energy, words and thoughts we put out. Fortunately, we have a special protection. We can have thoughts and feelings that don’t materialize in front of our eyes immediately. This gives us the chance to learn the art of manifestation without getting hurt in the process.

We know that money is not rare and that abundance is natural. The fruit trees in the fall and the flowering plants in the Spring show us the lushness of life. It’s natural for us to have abundance of all that is beautiful and good in our life.


However, more often than not, we get in our own way when it comes to having both the natural abundance and money in our life. Our feelings of lack, despair and confusion negatively affect our energy and thus our ability to manifest what we want.

So, in order to manifest into our life the natural abundance that is rightfully ours, including money, we must learn to align and transform our energy in a way that will manifest our thoughts and ideas. . . including manifesting more money into our lives.

A good way to start is by reminding yourself there is loads of abundance and money on our earth plane. We have been programmed by the system to believe that there are shortages and lack and that it is normal to experience this. This programming instills fear in us and creates an energy blockage to our aligning ourselves with the flow of abundance. There is no shortage. Wrap your beliefs and feelings around thoughts of great abundance available to all.

If you can convince yourself at the very deepest level of your being that there is no lack, no unfairness, no discrimination and that making money isn’t hard, you can open yourself up to greater wealth. This is a simple trick of the mind and can open and align your energy to receiving the abundance that is rightfully yours.

If you are harboring any feeling that money is evil and that all rich people are dishonest and crooked, you need to drop this belief. Instead you need to come to an understanding that money is neutral. Like everything else, money is only an energy.

Money is good. Greed is not good. Abundance is natural and is spiritual.

Everything in life contains the Divine presence, including money. The moment you realize and accept that money is simply another form of energy and energy comes from our Divine Source, you will stop separating it from your life.

Focus on the joy of having a steady flow of money, creating more money and feeling like you deserve more wealth. You will start to almost automatically manifest more abundance into your life.

To make the manifestation process work for you, you have to put aside any ideas of lack. You have to become centered and energetically align to the solid symbols of all the abundance in life.

Take time to concentrate on all the things your consider to be manifestations of abundance. Look around you at the lushness of nature in life and remind yourself that your journey takes place on a planet that is full of everything you need.

Look at the various symbols of wealth and affirm that the abundance of this earth plane is spiritual and good. You have got to agree that abundance is natural. You must bring this agreement into your feelings. When you transform your energy vibration in regard to money, you will begin the process of manifesting more abundance of money into your life.

Money is a symbol we use to facilitate the gathering of experiences and memories. It assists in interactions with others and in our ability to love ourselves. Money also acts as a mirror in that it tells us stories about ourselves, if we choose to take a close look.

Yes, money is definitely an essential part of our spiritual journey. Because it is a necessity in our society, it forces us to be creative. Money forces us to step up and offer our energy to the world in a creative manner that in return allows money to flow into our lives. In doing this, you learn the art of transforming energy to manifest money.

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