Astral Travel Techniques

Looking for astral projection techniques that you can use to finally be able to experience the wonderful world of astral projection? Luckily there are many ways that you can speed up the process and remove frustration and years of practice fast. If you desperately seeking to project today these astral projection techniques are for you.

A quick heads up before you begin to learn astral projection techniques. It’s important to not to get frustrated and give up, some methods work a lot better than others and everyone is different. Give each method sometime before jumping into another or you may give up too soon. With a bit of practice and patience you will see which methods are getting you closer to astral projection success. Let’s look at two very simple astral projection techniques.

Technique 1: Stretch Out Technique

This technique requires you to imagine that your body is stretching out. As you lay down, close your eyes and begin to relax. Imagine your feet beginning to stretch and increase in size by a few inches. Once you have a clear picture of your stretched out feet, stop and allow them to go back to their normal size. Now move onto your head and do the same thing, imagine your head stretching out and then going back to its normal size.

Go back and forth and imagine your feet and head stretching out further and further each time until they are stretch by a few feet. Now imagine yourself stretched out to the point where you are filling up your room.

Stay relaxed and calm, you should begin to feel as if you are floating and rising out of your body. This technique is very easy to practice and great for beginners.

Technique 2: Hammock Technique

English: The astral leaves the body during sle...

English: The astral leaves the body during sleep. Deutsch: Das Astral verlässt den Körper während des Schlafes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This technique is a fantastic relaxation exercise but is also great for achieving an out of body experience. This astral projection technique requires you to adopt simple breathing and relaxation methods. The best way to achieve this is to lay down and focus on your breathing.

As your body begins to relax, and your breathing is in steady rhythm picture yourself resting in a hammock as it sways back and forth. Feel the wind over your body as you are completely relaxed going back and forth. Repeat this process, continue until you can feel the vibrations that are a symptom of pre projection.

Be aware of your vibrational changes. If you begin to feel as if your are feeling tingles, buzzing, rapid heart rate and vibrations all over your body you are close to take off and your first out of body experience with these techniques.


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