DREW_portrait_800Can you tell us a bit about the DREW System of Real Estate? Is that an acronym

The DREW System is a comprehensive catalog of strategies, tools and resources designed specifically to help you discover lasting success in your real estate career. I’ll explain the real estate processes and techniques I’ve mastered and show you how to implement them into your own business. If you’re looking for wealth and success in real estate, then look no further. DREW is an acronym for Delivering Real Estate Wealth

RobertJRGraham.com asks the creator of the DREW System, Andrew Johnson – “How did you become so successful at Real Estate?”

I have become successful in Real Estate by concentrating on the little details.  Letting the big stuff take care of it’s self.  I have a regimented schedule and we run every single file the same, from start to finish.  It’s this practice that has created a never ending flow of files and referrals to handle

Drew System 1Can people really achieve mega wealth using your system?  

I want to share with you the ideas and strategies I’ve used to generate over $100 million in real estate sales in the last five years and nearly 35 transactions per month over the last two years alone. Keep in mind, I’ve accomplished these numbers even as times have been at their most challenging (and with only one assistant).

Should people quit their day jobs to pursue this, or do you recommend the slow and steady route?

I do for sure think that everyone needs a plan to transition, however real estate is not an industry that you are going to master on a part time basis.  You have to really breathe this business.

Drew System 2You’re book gets into the different types of personalities that can make money at real estate, how did you come to understand these different modalities?  

The DREW system was  3 year project that I spent 1000’s of hours on.  I studied all different types of realtors and their personalities and created a “incredibly accurate but unofficial” personality test for Realtors.  Taking all the information and equating it to the Test results we concluded that there are about 8-10 different types of realtors, all of which can be success in Realtor.  We took each type of realtor and helped them understand, based on their test results what path they should follow

Where can we find out more about your success tips, strategies, and research? 

www.deliveringrealestatewealth.com has all our information including our blogs

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