Author Writes About Being Left at the Altar

Thanks for interviewing with, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

imageI’m Mona, a motivational speaker and life coach whose goal is to promote the empowerment of people by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to achieve their dreams through the enhancement of their emotional, social and spiritual health.

Lets get right to it, your book is called “Happily Never After.” A provocative title, what can you tell us about it?

Life is filled with hardships and challenges but it is during these difficult times that we can reflect on past obstacles that we have overcome. If we did it then we can do it NOW. You are a conqueror that deserves the best that life has to offer regardless of the bumps in the road that may arise as you continue your life’s journey.

Is this based on experiences of overcoming your own ‘Happily Never After?’

I chose the title because I did not obtain my happily ever after ending with my ex-fiancée. I have learned that happiness comes from within and it can no be obtained by people or things.

What are some of the central themes you cover in the book?

  • getting over rejection
  • increasing self esteem
  • learning how to forgive
  • address childhood trauma
  • losing weight
  • embracing being over 30 single and with children
  • learning to love yourself

What is the best advice you can give overall to someone going through this?

I have always journaled to get through my problems so I decided to turn my journal into a book.  Try it.

“It is one of the most painful situations to overcome. Not only are you heartbroken, but you also have to deal with the embarrassment that comes with the public nature of the breakup and address any financial ramifications. Once you begin to process everything that you just experienced, it is imperative to remember that you will survive this traumatic ordeal,” says Mona.

Thanks Mona, where can we find your books?

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Baker & Taylor, itunes, Betram Books, Google ebooks, Ingram, Nielsen Book Data,, and several other locations.

Twitter: Mona @ Happily Mona

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