Baltic UFO Mystery Continues?

NP: Baltic UFO Mystery Solved?

By James W. Astrada


Recently, researchers have come forward and claimed to have solved the mysterious object in the Baltic Sea that many were speculating was a UFO or even a part of the ancient civilization of Atlantis. This large unnatural object found last summer by Swedish treasure hunters have discovered and have been studying for over a year. Many “experts” conveniently deny any association to UFOs or “ancient aliens” deeming the object as a “glacial deposit.” Lindberg, head of the team who discovered the object spent time on radio to describe the object: “It has these very strange stair formations, and if it is constructed, it must be constructed tens of thousands of years ago before the Ice Age.” He didn’t mention anything concerning UFOs; however mentioned that if indeed this was a part of Atlantis, it would be the greatest discovery in our time.

Lindberg also coincidently acknowledged that the object also could be a “natural formation” or a meteorite that crashed here during the Ice Age. He also absurdly speculated that it also could be an underwater volcano; however, geologists baffled by the unknown structure assured that it was not a volcano. Planning on making a special documentary, Lindberg left out many details in his interview that he would disclose when the special edition is released with very interesting footage. Most experts however did not even mention this discovery as something special, rather volcanic rock or what professor Bruchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University stated in an email:What has been generously ignored by the Ocean-X team is that most of the samples they have brought up from the sea bottom are granites and gneisses and sandstones.”

Others speculate nothing out of the ordinary due to the location and the area impacted by the Ice Age (whether glacial or postglacial). Why then would geologists be baffled at this simple glacial deposit if it was considered nothing out of the ordinary? Oddly only one image has been taken by sonar of the Baltic sea object which to many resembled a crashed UFO ship; However “experts” told the press that sonar should be disregarded. Their explanations were ranged from the device not being wired right, the device wasn’t properly calibrated, or black lines through the reading made sonar signals “drop off.” Are they frantic about the possibility of their theories eroding with the rest of their glacial deposit theories or do they have a case? They insist that this “low resolution sonar image” could be anything; however the apprehension and the refusal to fund Lindberg’s investigations might prove otherwise.

Nevertheless, Lindberg asks for support by purchasing apparel to assist in the possibility that he may have found remnants of Atlantis, a UFO ship buried before the last Ice Age, Russian spaceships, the Millennium Falcon, or simple rock formations. Until the documentary is released to air the “special footage” debunkers and “experts” will have a field day ridiculing whatever theory is produce beyond a mundane explanation. Lindberg did announce that a second disc shaped object was found 200 meters away from the first object; however experts again speculate that hundreds of Viking ships were historical present in the area amongst other ships making this area an “archeological paradise.” It seems when discoveries are made that baffle experts with an unknown diagnosis, they are quick to label it something ordinary. So far in the eyes of consensus science, “glacial deposits” or “natural formations” will be the explanation they give to the world.


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© Copyright 2012. James Astrada.

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