By Sam J Loeb

A well planned and executed lawn care business offers a perfect opportunity for those wishing to become self-employed and work in the great outdoors. If you are well-rounded in your landscaping experience then you have the potential to offer a range of lawn care services. But if you are just starting out in this particular area and aren’t fully knowledgeable with all things related to the yard, you might initially just want to offer certain specific services.

When it comes to first setting up the business it will be necessary to complete several steps in order to effectively get your business up and running as smooth and effective as possible. Here are several points that you will likely need to consider in the process of starting up your lawn care business:

Establish how you are going to obtain customers


In any new start-up venture of this nature one of the key considerations is to establish how you are going to attract the customers to your business. This will be particularly difficult if there are already established lawn care businesses in the local neighborhood. You might wish to begin by offering your services to family members or friends and ask if they are able to put the word out that you are offering a yard service at a competitive rate. You might also wish to invest in handing out flyers or having an advertisement published in the local free papers.

Deciding on the right amount to charge for the various lawn services offered

If you are wishing to make a sufficient wage from your lawn care services, you will need to put in a significant amount of consideration in relation to the prices that you propose on charging. The rates that you offer your services for will need to be competitive to attract the new business, but you don’t want to be on such low rates that you aren’t earning a sufficient sum after you remove the expenses, such as those relating to travel and gas. You might wish to scout the local competition to establish the prices they are charging and then generally base yours closely to that.

Make certain that you have the right equipment for your services offered

In the early stages of your business you can often complete most jobs with just the essential machinery and tools. A well running lawnmower and a choice of the most essential hand-tools can go a long way to completing most jobs in the yard. If in future your business starts to become more profitable you can start to reinvest the money into some of the latest equipment on the market which will make your yard duties that much easier to complete and more enjoyable.

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