Best Tools for Growing Your Small Business

Today, no small business can survive without the latest web tools, applications, and resources. In fact, utilizing these solutions is tantamount to a business’s success. In a time when you can do everything from rent an office space to hold an international conference in a matter of seconds, you must keep up with the innovations of the times. These solutions can streamline and manage certain business operations, increase employee productivity and efficiency, connect you to your customers better, improve communication and so much more. Neglecting to implement even a few tools, will put a business behind their competitors. Streamlining operations allows an organization to focus on more important business aspects, thus driving growth.


If you don’t want your small business to be left behind, you should implement many of these tools. There are numerous web services, technologies and platforms to choose from, but not all are good or even necessary. Below are the five best tools for business growth.


Streamlined Processes with GSuite


GSuite, designed by Google, was built to provide multiple services to new and small businesses. The platform includes apps for business email, domain purchasing and setup, promotions and ad campaign management and more. All these services are available at a low monthly price. Having all your services in one place will keep you organized and provide easy access to them.


Easy Communication with Telzio


Telzio is a platform that allows businesses to set up an office system online. It offers an intuitive and visual web interface and allows you to manage calls and messages from any device or location. This means you and your employees can have access to the office phone system from remote locations at all hours of the day. So, with Telzio, 24-hour customer service, interaction, and communication are possible.


Task Management with Trello


Trello is a task management platform designed with small businesses in mind. In fact, setting up the platform is free for individuals and small companies. However, the amount of your payment will grow as your team grows. Either way, Trello makes structuring and monitoring tasks as simple as possible. It’s easy to set project milestones and turnaround times, add project notes, eliminate tasks, create cards and boards and so much more. Not to mention that it’s a simple virtual bookkeeping solution. If you create a board for each client, then it can easily be used for regular monthly bookkeeping cycles.


Easier Sales with SalesLoft


The SalesLoft software is designed to help small businesses gain more customers without needing to put in so much effort. It does this by integrating its sales email system and built-in dialer with the sales and management tools your business already has. This will help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales reps, thus increasing customer retention and conversion rates.


Improve Human Resources with GoCo


Human Resources (HR) departments are often paperwork-heavy, complex and unorganized. This has forced many businesses to switch to all-in-one HR platforms like GoCo. GoCo is an online HR department that streamlines document management, compliance and benefits administration, employee off-boarding and onboarding, performance tracking and management and time-off scheduling and tracking. Plus, the platform can be integrated with management and payroll software, which streamlines those processes as well.


More Customer Interaction with Intercom


Lack of communication and interaction with customers is a common problem for many businesses. Misunderstanding customers and their needs can lead to a poor user interface and poor user experience. However, Intercom is a web platform that’s working to fix these problems. The platform offers loads of functionality that allows businesses to educate customers and themselves, live chat and more.




Running your own small business can be frustrating, complex, hectic and even scary. However, today, there are many web tools, platforms, software and other resources designed to make it easier and ensure your success. Besides, tools like Trello and SalesLoft are specially built and designed for small businesses. But, fortunately, they’re not the only ones. Just keep in mind that there are plenty of tools out there.

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