Better Customer Service Skyrockets Value – Don’t Believe it, Check out Zappos

Gaining some insight into the Zappos enterprise will likely introduce you to the benefits of customer service. However, it’s not always enough simply to look at another business. Instead, you want to know about the specific ways that better customer service helps you to generate sales. Keep in mind that when people feel appreciated, respected and engaged, they are often more likely to return to the company.


A Sweeter Approach

At the heart of good customer service lies respect and kindness. Simply think about how you respond to kind people. It is probably difficult for you to form an entirely negative opinion about someone who consistently displays a good heart. When you project that image out of your business, customers, therefore, are likely to have a more favorable image of you. People do not like to be addressed and treated in an abrupt and rude manner during their daily conversations, so it should not be any different when it comes to businesses.


Predictive Power

Fifty-five percent of high-performing service teams say they’re able to predict customer service needs more than 80 percent of the time. The ability to predict what customers want is crucial. Failure to do so means that you may be unprepared when they come to you with inquiries. If your customer service team can sit down and establish what it is that customers want, then they can begin to prepare scripts. When people call with certain questions, they will know exactly what to say. While predicting every single question and situation is virtually impossible, at leas they will have a better idea.


Expanded Service

In the interior design world there is an entire sub-niche dedicated on how to squeeze more value out of plain white walls. This is because arguable the majority of people living in any given space have some white walls. Similarly almost every company has a standard almost “bare minimum” customer service set-up in their organization. Much like tips and tricks to get more out of white walls without re-painting, you can do similar things with your customer service department. You can expand without “re-painting” or overhauling your entire department.

It’s true that quantity does not matter as much as quality. However, when you do not have enough people on your customer service team, then you cannot provide the highest level of quality service. People may need to spend a prodigious amount of time waiting on the phone to speak with a customer service representative, or they may find that the hold time on the live chats is as long as it is on the phone. Consider looking at your live chat pipeline and creating self help articles in a neatly organized FAQ. Many young people would rather find the info themselves than wait to chat to a representative. This in turn lowers your call load and keeps more people happy.


Online Chatter

Back several decades ago, when people had a bad customer service experience, they would probably tell their relatives and friends about it. They might even go into work explaining what a rotten conversation they just had with a company. On top of that, they may have left a paper or telephone review about the situation. Now, however, people take to social media. In the event that a person is displeased with your customer service, you may see it plastered all over your social media accounts within a few minutes. Other individuals will see that, and then, they may express great hesitation in using your company for any products or services. Considering how important of a role social media plays in people’s purchasing decisions will make you realize why you need to increase your customer service efforts.


Review Sites

Not only are you now in danger of receiving a poor reputation on social media sites, but you also have to pay attention to review sites. Major review sites out there are a favorite of plenty of people. When individuals have rave reviews about companies, they do visit these sites. However, when they are concerned about an element of the company, including the customer service, they will write negative reviews. People who want to purchase products and services often go to these websites to see what other individuals have had to say. In the event that they see the customer service is poor, they are likely to select another company. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are providing excellent customer service so the online portrait of your company is strong.


Right now, you are in competition with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other businesses in your field, and you need to find the selling point that gives you the advantage over them. By choosing customer service as this selling point, you can make a major difference.


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