Can You Be Successful Without Being Confident? Part II of II

Building your Confidence has everything to do with being Successful. Every level of life needs a degree of confidence. Really think about it, no matter your current place in life it’s imperative that you have some level of belief in yourself. Quick example for you-If you are a cashier, you had to trust that you could complete an application to get the position, on some level you must trust that you can count money, communicate with supervisors, colleagues and customers. To be the owner of that est download (6)ablishment, it’s critical that you believe in your ability to oversee the operation, growth and expansion of this establishment. Each level requires a level of confidence in one’s self and their capabilities.

The greater your dose of confidence, the greater amount of success you will shoot for, achieve and maintain. Your confidence level will also determine your ability to “bounce back” and thrive when seeming failures get you down.

Quick Keys for you to begin building your confidence for success now:

1. Belief and Trust– Take steps to deepen your belief and trust in yourself. This will determine your level of confidence. We often dismiss the importance of truly believing in our gifts and capabilities and perform out of the need to be accepted, acknowledged and appreciated. It is only when we turn our attention to what we are truly skillful and gifted at that you can nurture, develop and become the exceptional person that gains momentum and success

2. Security– Get clear and comfortable with what unique and exceptional about what you have to offer. This is important in order for you to withstand the competitors that you will undoubtedly face directly or indirectly.

3. Personal Elevator Pitch– Highlight your strengths, gifts and talents, write them down and form an elevator pitch that you can repeat to yourself in the mirror and/or use as speaking points when you are presenting for an opportunity.

4. Get Grateful-Now this may not sound like it has anything to do with success but I beg to differ. When you get grateful about what’s good about you and your circumstances, you can’t help but to look at how far you’ve come, what you’ve accomplished and what you are actually capable of.

5. Know your Stuff– Whatever you are looking to succeed in you have to know what you’re talking about, who you’re talking to, have the skills, the moves, the knowledge, whatever it requires. Take time for mastery!

6. Stand out – There’s something that makes you different and unique. Find what that is and maximize on it. This gives you practice with being okay and confident with who you (5)

7. Consistent Action – Keep taking steps, learning and growing along the way. Taking consistent action is like working a muscle. The more you work it out, the stronger it gets. Soon you will feel a confidence in yourself that no person or circumstance can break.

Get to Work and Let me Know How I Goes!

I couldn’t possibly give you all the tools I have in this article. The good news is, if you are ready to stop being a victim of your circumstances, focus on achieving your goals of attract a loving man who adores you, make more money in your career or business and move quickly to success then be sure to check out the free report “How to Get UNSTUCK: 5 Simple Steps to Unleashing to The Life You Were Meant to Live” here []

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