Careers for Former Addicts

Today’s job markets and industrial placements are not what it used to be decades ago. Educational qualifications, technical training and matching skill sets are the pre requisites that any company would look for while choosing a right candidate. Earlier any general qualification would have been sufficient but not any more. Industrial specific exposure and training seem to be the pre qualification required to attend interviews.

2Addiction treatment industry hires people in large numbers. There is intense competition in the industry. Another notable feature is that they are very cost conscious and watchful of the cost as well as numbers they employ.

People who have been addicts formerly and have been cured find it easier to get placements with the addiction center. These centers in fact seem to prefer such people and employ them thinking that they understand the customer and patient’s needs better. However this cannot be the only criterion for choosing such employees. What about their qualification and attitudes?

The centers believe that the former addicts have not only gone through the painful experience of living on streets and not knowing what is happening. They would have also undergone addiction treatments and post addiction rehab education which gives them sufficient exposure and mastery of the subject. Their experience also motivates them to work harder and be successful in their jobs.

Former addicts are often broke and have to start building their life from scratch again. They would have lost everything to their addiction and hence may not be able to fund their education by themselves or even be eligible for a loan. Though basic education in this field is not very expensive, advanced courses do cost quite a bit.

As a part of post addiction rehab, most of the states have special programs and courses designed for such former addicts. These may be free of cost or funded by the government with a view to help there build their lives and prepare them to find suitable jobs. Such training can help these guys equip themselves with the required qualification and skill sets.

For all those who are looking at various industries and options, it is worthwhile to pursue opportunities in this industry for it is one of the fastest growing industries today. You can explore opportunity of spending one or two years in pursuing specialized courses and degrees at relatively cheap expense and land yourself a good rewarding career.

1Check out various options online before you choose one that suits you the best. Industry overview as well as the future prospects are important things you should check out before you make the decision.

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