Reiki is a healing techniques that works with energy to bring the mind, body and spirit to health and wellness. The foundation of this healing art is that everything is energy and further that if our energetic systems are out of wack, our health and life circumstances will als go be out of wack. Likely, if our energy centers are strong and balanced, that will also be reflected in our health and life.

Reiki is most commonly taught in person on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting by reiki master. The training will consist of 3 distinct levels; level 1, level 2 and level 3 or master level. During these three courses, the reiki master attunes the students to the reiki energy enabling the student to use it for the healing of themselves and others.

Chikara Reiki Do

Chikara Reiki Do is an innovative, and some would say provocative, method of teaching reiki created by Judithy Coreny. Through this method of reiki training anyone is able to learn and master reiki (with practice of course) regardless of their prior experience or training. This method is accessible to both people who are brand new to reiki and those how have already achieved a level of skill but are interested in expanding their healing power even more.

All-N-One Package

With Chikara Reiki Do there are no distinct courses, the method of reiki education is kind of like an all-in-one education where you can acquire the knowledge and skill to heal with mastery, as fast or as slow as wish to go.


The Chikara Reiki Do method is also very empowering; it stresses that fact that we all have reiki energy flowing through us and that we just need to learn how to tap into it. More over, this program provides training and assistance on how to tap into the reiki from within via a self-attunement (where no one else is needed to attune you but you).

Attune All 7 Major Energy Centers

In addition to the all-in-one training structure and the self-attument process, another unique thing about the Chikara Reiki Do method is that it includes education on how to attune all 7 major energy centers of the body so that you are able to channel reiki energy with your whole body.

Reiki Training Methods

As reiki grows in popularity and understanding among a wide range of people, the methods of training are growing as well. At one time, reiki was said to have only been taught by word of mouth; no books or literature was available on this healing art from. Now we are entering a time where not only is information and training available in books but this sacred knowledge is also available online in a variety of different formats and structures. Now, there are more options than ever before to choose a reiki training program that suits you.

I have a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and I am a dancer in a company called Critical Mass Dance Company, that is a fusion of Sacred Dance, Reiki/Energy Healing and Flow Arts. Reiki has had a profound impact on the way I live my life and I am enthusiastic to share what I have experienced with others who are interested or even just curious about reiki and it’s many healing benefits. To learn more about how to tap into the reiki healer within you go to []

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