By Lisa K. G. 

The choices we make in life determine exactly where we will end up. There are just two paths that humans decide to follow – the human path and the Divine path. Which one we choose to continuously follow determines the direction our lives take.

As Christians, there will always be the struggle between the human viewpoint and the divine viewpoint. All God’s people had to deal with it like Moses, Abraham, David and Paul. However, if we allow the human viewpoint to take control of us, then we are destined to destroy our spiritual lives. It is something Christians should be careful not to do.


There are certain categories that need to be understood if we are to guard ourselves from making wrong choices that could destroy us both physically and spiritually.

They are:

  • Shifting values
  • Shifting of focus
  • Unhealthy Thoughts

Shifting Values

Values are the things which are worth much to us like our ideals, goals or standards. Different people will value certain things differently. The Scriptures can help us determine how we should value certain things. Some people would depend upon the Scriptures while others would depend upon their own thinking. Without the help of the Scriptures, a person’s values can shift and cause the following to happen:

  • Inability to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil and righteous from unrighteous
  • Become materialistic
  • Care what others think about them
  • Spirituality no longer important

Shifting of Focus

The Christian journey is not an easy one. There will always be challenges and if we don’t remain focused we can lose the spiritual fight. One thing we must be careful not to do is to blame others for our mistakes and failures. This is one way of shifting focus, when we do not take responsibility for our actions.

Another way to shift focus is running after things that have no lasting value. The desire is to have things now, but not for things that have a lasting effect. It is like seeking the approval of man, which does not last nor is significant, and not the approval of God which is most important, valuable and rewarding.

Another example of shifting focus is putting our own responsibilities in the hands of others. For example, we depend on the schools, church and society to discipline and teach our children when that should be the responsibility of the parents. Even the relationships we develop are done so with the attitude of what we can get out of it instead of what is my role in helping to improve this persons’ quality of life. All this is contrary to the Bible’s teachings.

Unhealthy Thought Patterns

A person’s thoughts can be made up of good things and very bad things. For a Christian, maintaining healthy thoughts are beneficial for his spiritual life. This can only be done once he learns to effectively control his thoughts. However because of our carnal minds, it is not entirely possible to have perfectly controlled thoughts, but it can be done in a manner that is satisfactory. Paul gave us instructions on what we should think about.

“Fix your thoughts on what is true and honourable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise”. Philippians 4:8

If we don’t try to focus on these good thoughts then sinful thoughts will prevail which is much easier for the mind to focus on.

Result – A Sinful Life

Sinful choices are the result of not taking care of our shifting values, shifting focus and not being able to control our thoughts. The devil has then succeeded in removing us from the spiritual picture. The process to a sinful life is not an immediate one. It happens over a period of time because the believer let his guard down and allowed his boundaries to fall. The Christian life is a battle and we must protect ourselves by using God’s word as our armour.

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