Choosing Only Kindness

Be Kind in All of Your Dealings


CF9021D3B34C217F5633A89C11DA54_h300_w400_m2_bblack_q99_p99_cMYjfvmyzStrive to always be kinder in your thoughts, words, and deeds.

It is said that whatever you do and say to others has a way of coming back to you in some form or other. If you do well to others, something good will happen to you and if you only be bad to others you can be sure that something bad will happen to you at some point in your life. That is why you must always be careful with how you deal with others in your life.

There are many elements that can you successful; courage, humility, quickness and good decision making, however; what you might not realize that kindness is also an important element. When you are kind to others you can expect others to be kind to you. Being kind means that you empathize with people, understand their feelings and try to be helpful in every way you can.

woman-leader-practicing-kindnessEven if you are immensely successful, if you are not kind to others you would not gain people’s respect or love. If you have the resources and the ability and you still do not help those who are in need then you cannot expect people to regard you with respect. It isn’t necessary that in order to be kind you must give out monetary help; you can help them out in other ways too. Sometimes just saying kind words that you mean with all your heart is more than enough. Most people would only expect you to say kind things and empathize with them.

fotolia_6093882_m1Even in your personal life, if you lack kindness your relationships can suffer. Your family needs you to be there for them, they need you to be kind to them when they need it and they expect you to help them when they are facing a difficulty. If you cannot be kind to your family, you cannot expect your relationships to grow.
What you must also realize is that it is not important to be kind to just others, you need to be kind to yourself. Most of us just regard kindness in terms of others and never think of it as something that must be directed towards us too. Often we are kind to others but when it comes to us we are harsh to ourselves. You need to be kind to yourself too, only then can you have enough love and kindness to share with others.

To be kind to yourself you must:

  • Photo-by-Sappo-EssayBe tuned in to yourself; do not ignore your own wants and wishes. Know what you want and do indulge yourself once in a while.
  • Do not be very harsh to yourself, it is important to push yourself to be successful but there’s a line that needs to be drawn.
  • Do not be overly critical of yourself. You must know your own weakness and you must be your own critic but you shouldn’t criticize everything that you do. Learn to recognize your strengths too and appreciate yourself for your strengths.

Being kind comes from within, you cannot just say kind words or do kind things without really meaning them and kindness starts with yourself, when you are kind to yourself you can be kind to others too.

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