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As stated in the sites introduction “The Chrono Guide is the complete Final Fantasy 14 Online Mastery Guide”. It provides detailed leveling guides to help you reach level 50 in the quickest time possible and an expert Gil guide covering every aspect of the game to help you earn a limitless amount of Gil.

UUUWith the Chrono Guide, players can skip the lag-infested zones and catapult right to the top of the ranks.

This guide packs a great deal and wide coverage of expertise for both beginners and serious gamers needs

Exclusive Content:

Leveling Guides:

  • Ul’dah Leveling Guide
  • Limsa Lominsa Leveling Guide
  • Gridania Leveling Guide
  • Detailed maps highlighting the best leveling spots
  • Battlecraft Leve Guide
  • Disciplines of War and Magic GuideStep-by-Step Leveling Guide

The Final Fantasy XIV Walkthrough – Final Fantasy XIV Guide offers a step-by-step ways in walking you through the leveling process.

The Chrono guide walks you through each quest showing you how to complete each one and the order of quests to maximize your leveling process.

Hassle-Free Leveling

Level up in record time. All the quests were detailed so you never have to worry about what to do next. It’s painstakingly combed through each area in the game, charting the best leveling spots so that you never have to compete with other players.

The first 15 levels are preparation of what is to come, these are the levels you spend learning the basics of Final Fantasy. This guide will help you quickly advance as you battle. After completing the quests and journey beyond the early levels, our leveling guide continues to advance you through the game until you hit Level 50.

Gil Guides:

  • Mining Guide
  • Gathering Guide
  • Best methods for profiting in a new economy
  • Top recipes for profiting guide

Earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

The ability to make a lot of Gil will allow you to purchase the best armor and weapons as you fight your way to level 50. The Gil Guide teaches you how to earn Gil in everyaspect of the game from leveling, tradeskills, and farming.

UUThere is no reason anyone should ever buy Gil! Buying Gil costs hundreds of dollars and puts your account at risk of being banned, when you can earn all the Gil you will ever need in Final Fantasy XIV.

Earn Gil while Leveling

Learn the best Leves to complete to earn the maximum amount of gil and the best monsters to fight to maximize profits when leveling. Our Gil guide is designed to work with our leveling guide as you journey your way to level 50.

Never be limited by Gil again. Our Gil Guide will teach you how to earn millions of Gil so you can purchase the best gear & armor.

  • Crafting Guide
  • Monster Farming Guide
  • Tutorials & FAQ

Crafting is one of the best ways to make gil in final fantasy xiv. Discover the fastest way to level up your craft and how to make plenty of gil in the process. Our crafting guide shows you the cheapest way to level your tradeskill paired with the most profitable recipes for players of all levels.

Power level your crafting skills and learn and make thousands of gil with our in depth Crafting Guide.

  • Each Guide has DETAILED MAPS to follow as your travel through Eorzea laying out leveling paths and leve areas.
  • It Includes a 60 Day Guarantee and Free Updates for life
  • Has a one time fee, there are no monthly membership fees

Lastly, if your looking for the best guide, do your homework and compare all the top Final Fantasy Walkthrough – Final Fantasy Guide out there. Spending few bucks won’t hurt as long as you’re buying the right guide. Investing on one will help you in the long run. Always think ahead and not give yourself a reason to be a sitting duck. Go help yourself.

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