Collaboration is a Self-Help focused blog that has experienced tremendous growth since its start date of October 2010.  We are PR-Friendly and open to collaborating with your brand so long as it is a fit with my personal style. If you are interested in contacting Robert for advertising, product reviews, speaking engagements, public readings, sponsorship’s or anything else, feel free to contacting me for details and further information.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

For those looking to publish articles, please read further:

Article Standards for include, but are not limited to:

  • Each article must have a high quality featured image set before publishing
  • Each article must have a minimum of 1 high quality image embedded
  • Each article title, and article contents must be grammatically correct
  • Each article must have a minimum of 1 relevant category
  • Each article must have a minimum of 3 relevant tags
  • Each article must have the “Header Animation” set to “Zoom Out Effect”
  • Each article must have a MAXIMUM of 2 links of external products/domains embedded

All of your articles need to adhere to the example given here:

5 Reasons Video Games Are Good for Your Health

If you are looking for additional ways to promote your work on, including embedding your links, infographics, or references within existing articles – then you can visit our order page.


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