Common Weight Loss Mistakes Real People Make Every Day

By Sally Symonds

You are a real person, and you need to lose weight. However, knowing this and executing it are two different things and you will make mistakes. That’s okay though, as long as you recognise these mistakes for what they are and take steps to remedy them.


Real Person Mistake #1: Short Term Thinking

Turn on the television or go online and find a weight loss advertisement and take note of ‘how long’ they say it takes. 30 days? 60? Maybe it’s 12 weeks? These numbers are unrealistic at best and flat out lies at worst. Losing weight is not and cannot be about quick fixes, magic pills, or simple solutions. Real people are not simple, so why would real weight loss be simple?

That is not to say that you cannot lose weight participating in these short-term programs. The real problem is keeping it off. Regardless of how many calories you burn in any given 12 week period, the only way to stay slim is to continue to burn those calories for the rest of your life.

Real Person Mistake #2: Same Program, Same Results

Let’s be honest, most ‘new’ weight loss programs are essentially a repackaging and rehashing of what is already out there. We know how to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than we burn, it is that simple.

However, using fad diets, crazy exercise programs, and pills or shakes or any manner of pseudo-food products to achieve that over and over again will simply net you the same result: failure. What’s even worse is that all these years of failure actually reprogram your brain to accept failure as inevitable. You don’t actually expect to succeed, so you do not.

What you need instead is a new program, a new outlook, and a boost of confidence. This is about more than ‘thinking outside of the box’, you need to toss the box out the window. Only you have the power to dictate your weight loss success or failure. Diets don’t work. Crazy exercise routines don’t work. Pills don’t work. It’s time to change your approach.

Real Person Mistake #3: Lack of Controlweightloss3

Everyone wants life to be easy and the same applies to losing weight. We don’t want to think about the process, the food preparation, the exercise routine, so we allow others to just tell us what to do. But humans are autonomous creatures and we can only live inside of someone else’s box for so long before we forcefully break out and go on a rampage.

YOU need to take charge of your weight loss. Not only are you the best person to set the rules and set the routine, the sense of control you gain in doing so will serve as motivation and help you achieve that all-important mastery over your weight and your life.

Real Person Mistake #4: Negative Images

Do you think that losing weight is all about deprivation and discomfort? You’re not alone, but it is just this kind of attitude that will lead you to fail over and over again. If you want to lose weight permanently and keep it off you need to make lasting change and if you see that change as a negative you will not stick to it.

You need to embrace not only your goals, but the journey you need to take in order to reach them. Remember, ‘it’s the climb’ that makes life. If you cannot learn to Love Your Weight Loss, and have fun while doing it, failure is not far behind.

Real Person Mistake #5: This Is Not a ‘Lifestyle Change’

I know this phrase is all a-buzz in the weight loss industry these days, but it is misleading and dangerous. Not that weight loss isn’t a lifestyle change; it absolutely is. What I object to is the cliché attitude towards that phrase nowadays. Plus, there is so much more to successful weight loss than just lifestyle. This physical, psychological, and spiritual journey is intensely personal and unique to you and you alone. Weight loss is a step-by-step process that takes months and that takes months years to master. It is not as simple as waking up one day and saying, ‘well, I’m going to change my lifestyle’ and that’s it. You need to look at the big picture.

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