People in their 20s are looking for ways to make houses look youthful and updated, and there are many modern styles that you can incorporate into every part of your house or apartment. There are also many ways you can find inspiration for your next living spaces makeover. If you want to find ways to make your space both fun and functional, read on.


Places of Inspiration


We all need a little bit of inspiration now and again. There are many places that you can find great ideas with beautiful photos that will get your creative juices flowing.




One of the easiest places to access great tips and inspiration is through blogs about life in your 20’s. Just search for design tips for people in their 20s, and you’ll find blogs that speak to spirits of young people just starting out in life. You can also find many great blogs about home decor from professional design companies and laypeople who are working their ways through their 20s and trying to find that perfect style.




You can’t forget one of the classic ways of finding great ideas. Magazines are full of some of the most current ideas on home design written by professionals in the interior design industry. One great magazine on modern interior design that you can take inspiration from is Modern Magazine. It features trends in modern design, architecture, and art, and you can take ideas from the magazine and make them your own.




If you’re looking for places that you can find inspiration, head to your local library. With the borrowing system, you have access to hundreds or even thousands of books on modern interior design that you can use to gain a better understanding of the progression of the modern movement in art and interior design.


Modern Home Decor


The modern aesthetic can be broad. The movement started in the 1950s, and it’s morphed and been combined with many other design trends in many ways over the years. Modern minimalist is one popular type of modern design, and it has a few characteristics that define it. Architecture design defines the aesthetic as having “simplicity in form and function, uncomplicated cladding & wall finishes, clean, open, light-filled spaces, simple detailing devoid of decoration, and strategic use of materials for visual interest, texture, and personality.”


Although clean lines are valued, don’t think that the design aesthetic is boring. There can be lots of color to liven the space into something that is young and fresh. For instance, Joy Cho’s living room, as featured in Real Simple, has bright pastels that make the space lively and youthful.


Another option to add interest to a modern room is to have geometric designs, as showcased in Real Simple a couple of slides later. Geometric shapes, such as the lighting that’s showcased, can add depth to an otherwise neutral space.


Rooms to Add Modern Touches To


Modern design can be incorporated into any part of the home. Kitchens and living rooms can have touches of the modern through the materials and fixtures that you use in your design. You can also pull those ideas into the master bedroom, bathrooms, and any recreation or bonus rooms that you have. If you have children, and you’re concerned about how you can tie your child’s room into the design of the rest of the house, there are actually many great design ideas for kids’ rooms that incorporate the modern aesthetics clean lines.


If you want your house or apartment to have the freshness of youth, modern design is a great way to go. Just pick a room, find your inspiration, and start planning.

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