Cynicism stated lazily to Discipline, “Why should I? It doesn’t really matter.”

Discipline replied, “Ah, but I have the rewards to prove that it does.”

“Give me some of those rewards too,” Cynicism demanded.

“I’m sorry,” replied Discipline, “you sneered at Integrity, so how can you hope to attain such honor. Furthermore, should you change yog ur ways, it will surely mean the death of you.”

You have only to look upon great works of art, beautiful performances in dance, sports, gymnastics or any field of endeavor, to realize the Masters danced often with the Dragon called Discipline. They wouldn’t dream of performing their best without recounting the lessons they learned together.

Discipline is a system of rules of conduct or methods of practice, synonymous with restraint; a training to improve strength or self-control. Discipline is the showing of integrity by following the rules, even if in some cases it would be easier, at least in the short term, not to follow the rules.

Have you ever heard a little voice next to you when you’re trying to do something, and you feel it nudging you to do a good job? But, because you’re tired or feeling uncomfortable you decide to skimp or take the easy way out. You know it’s not your best and sometimes after you finish you know deep down inside you could’ve done better.

When you are tempted to take the shortcut, the Dragon will jump out and his presence challenges you to be true to your standards. He lurks in the shadows surrounding every crowning moment, but if you take him by the hand and spin him around the dance floor a couple of times until you push past that which is at hand, then you become a dance team.

Discipline is a part of every desire you have. If you want to write a book, learn a foreign language or lose weight, you will at some point need Discipline to succeed. Watch out for Cynicism or the “it’s not important” or “it doesn’t matter” attitude. For an example, why do goals like weight loss have such a high failure rate? When Cynicism is at work, failure is not far behind. It will corrode your progress and sabotage your sense that achieving any greatness matters. Be more conscious about the way you talk to yourself.

How do we discipline ourselves?

* Choose to not take the easy way out. Go for the multiple rewards reserved for your disciplined efforts.

* Can you do better? – Then do better, but know when enough is enough.ted

* Form the habit. Make it a habit to master yourself. Practice. Make yourself do your lessons.

Discipline is a refining fire by which practice, becomes mastery over ones’ life. I know you’ll bask in the sunshine of satisfaction after you too, learn to dance with your Dragon. Victory over one’s self is the greatest victory of all.

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