Determining Your Relationship Health Quotient

by Richard Pellegrino

Many of us would like a method or standard for the determination of our relationship health, or, if you like, our relationship health “quotient”.

Here then are some such standards extracted from both spiritual and scientific literature and thought:

1) First and foremost you must rate your relationship to yourself:

a) How secure are you in your own identity?


b) Do you depend on others to tell you what to do or are you self-actualized and motivated?

c) Do you believe that you are essentially good or evil, noble or undeserving?

d) Are you aware of your own unique capacities and are you pursuing their further development and utilization?

e) How do you feel about your physical body and health?

f) What about your intellectual capacities?

g) Do you generally have loving and caring feelings towards others; do you trust and follow your intuition?

h) Are you fearful of many things or are you generally courageous and audacious?

i) Do you consciously nurture your soul and spiritual self?

j) Are you generally happy and upbeat or sad and depressed?

2) Now rate your relationships to others:

a) Do you generally have friendly and loving interactions with your immediate family?

b) Do you view everyone as one extended family and mankind as one family?

c) Are you comfortable and experienced in very diverse situations?

d) Do you believe in and practice the equality of men and women?

e) Are you generally tolerant and understanding of other people’s practices and beliefs, or are you generally judgmental and critical?images (4)

f) Do you have close friends from other races and cultures?

g) Do you prefer to take sides on issues or work to build a consensus?

h) Do you prefer to compete or cooperate with others?

3) Finally, rate your relationship to the Universe, to the Spiritual, to God:

a) Do you believe in something greater than yourself?

b) Do you practice a spiritual discipline or religion?

c) Do you consciously respect and try to protect other living things in your environment, including the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms?

d) Do you believe in an afterlife or a continuation of this life?

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