Discover Life’s Purpose Now

Discovering Life’s Purpose


Finding-life-purposeHave you discovered your life’s purpose? What lies deep inside you behind the muddle of daily life that can generate an all encompassing purpose for your existence? Discovering a life’s purpose is a major strategy of success essential in igniting a burning desire to accomplish your dreams.

Before anything else you must discover what you really want to do with your life. Without that, life is just existence not an exciting journey motivated by purpose and direction. Plato defined it this way. Man: a being in search of meaning.

Discovering life’s purpose gets your life’s sail set in the right direction to propel you in a pre-charted course to your ultimate destiny. Yet most people never discover a life’s purpose. They spend life making a living instead of planning a life directed by purpose.

It is not the external winds that blow through life that determines your ultimate success, but the set of your sail. If you have your sail set in a consistent direction toward specific goals that fulfill your purpose you will always be tracking in the right direction. No matter how the winds of circumstances buffet you about, you will still be on course.

The reality of life is that sometimes external winds may be unfavorable or even a powerful head wind that seems impossible to survive. How you handle these life stressors to a large degree is determined by your direction in life. The right purpose will anchor you no matter what storms come your way. You can still make progress in the right direction if you hold to a consistent pre-charted course motivated by purpose.

Then when the winds of life turn more favorable you will be positioned for quick progress toward your ultimate destiny. Discover life’s purpose and discover the drive needed to weather life’s storms..


Yet most fail to discover life’s purpose. So often I hear people say things like: “I just don’t have the drive necessary to push myself to do better;” “I guess I’m not motivated;” “I guess I’m just lazy;” In most cases I have found laziness is not the reason they are not driven. They simply have impotent goals that produce impotent desires which produce impotent accomplishments and result in an impotent life. They major in mediocrity and wonder why they have only minor motivations.


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Some will come to a partially right conclusion. “My problem is that I really don’t have any goals.” The complete answer is they are in need of more than just goals. They are in need of the right goals fueled by discovering life’s purpose. This will spark the drive from within to accomplish their mission in life. The right purpose will drive them to get up early and keep them going for as long as it takes to accomplish their dreams.

Have you discovered Life‘s purpose? Purpose driven goals will motivate you to marshal your resources using everything you can possibly muster from within. It will help you creatively develop through your sphere of influence with others, the support and help needed to propel your success. Create a compelling future by implementing compelling goals.

Most people are failures because they never discovered life’s purpose and chart a consistent course to achieve it. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. If you do not know where you are going you will never arrive. If you aim for nothing, nothing is what you will get.

Discovering your life’s purpose is the major strategy of success essential in igniting a burning desire to accomplish great things in life. Discover yours now! Francis Bacon summarized it this way. Natural abilities are like natural plants,that need pruning by study.

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