Being a DJ and living in the awesome world of a great DJ, is a totally amazing way to not only live life but also make a living! Let this article be the start of your DJ guide!

Do you love the adrenaline of performing on stage, in front of a hyped crowd that is moving and jumping in sync with your every move on the desk?

Maybe you dream of the day when stacks of gorgeous and beautiful women hang around your booth, marveling at your wizardry and just dieing to spend some time with you after you have finished your set?

Or do you just live for the thrill of playing in a club, dropping an awesome mix and watching the dance floor erupt before your eyes?


What you ness ed especially if you are starting off from scratch is a complete DJ guide and heaps of DJ tips that will ensure your air is crisp, your moves are tight and your sound is unique and amazing to you!

Learning how to become a DJ is not as hard as you might think either! There are heaps of easy to learn systems and simple practices you can do that will get you up and DJing in a really short time. Sometimes in as little as a couple of weeks! These tips and systems are not always easy to find however because the top DJ’s and even the record labels want to keep them to themselves!

DJ schools or a DJ academy can get you up and running for sure however let’s face it, they are a school and they only get paid for as long as they have you “in class.” For that very reason your DJ tutorial and DJ education can take quite a lot longer than it needs to! Did you know that it is actually possible to learn to mix like a pro in as little as 2 weeks?!

You too can learn to mix like a pro in just a few short weeks but a new DJ must understand that if you don’t get down the tips and fundamentals listed below 100%, you will struggle to learn the craft and probably give up before you ever even play a gig! So here they are, the first steps in the DJ guide for greatness!

1) As with anything in life, the greatest achievements come from mastery of the basics and fundamentals. Even when the great Michael Jordan was flying through the air performing his signature moves, he was still practicing those free throws thousands of times a week! Same goes for learning how to become a DJ!

You MUST learn the basics and learn them so you can do it in your sleep. Why do you think that aspiring piano players have to brutally practice the scales for what seems to be an eternity? If you really want to successfully beat match, cue, throw and pitch ride then you must be able to learn all the singular parts of these techniques. It is the way that a top DJ combines and inter-loops all of the seemingly basic individual beats, sounds and moves that creates that dynamic beat! Moral of the story, learn the basics and master them before trying to move on too quickly to advanced techniques.

2) The simple things in life are sometimes the best! Same goes for DJing! Some of the best DJ tricks and moves are actually the easiest ones! Don’t think that you need to be madly scratching on anywhere up to 8 different turntables to impress a crowd.

3) You MUST learn how to control your volume levels when changing tracks or mixes. It must be seamless and there must be no noticeable difference when you switch. Bring in a new song that is too loud and it overpowers everything. Bring in a track too softly and you welcome Dr Buzzkill to the floor! Learning how to use your headphones and the EQ is crucial in making this magic happen!

4) Mix without touching the platter. Huh I hear you say? It is only the DJ’s whose technique is flawless that get the really cool gigs. If you llcan master the art of Pitch Riding then it will go a long way towards separating the men from the boys!

5) “Train-spot” and learn from a professional! Train-spotting in the DJ world is when you hang in close to the action and watch every move that the performing DJ makes. Doing this is great because you can catch a peek at the way they mix and beat match and pick up on all their skills and techniques.

Most people have to do this a bit on the sly and make yourself look like a fan (which you pretty well are anyway!) but if you are lucky and catch a good break, it is a great idea to link yourself up with a top DJ who is happy to take the time out to mentor and teach you. Listen hard and take in as much as you can because watching, learning and getting your hands dirty in a one on one format is always the best way to learn.

I love the world of the DJ! Cool beats, sick tracks and awesome DJ tricks, moves and skills! There is nothing better than creating your own beats and then dropping them in a crowded nightclub and watching the punters go off!

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