By Joseph Kerrigan

eBay have banned the selling of downloadable digital products using their auctions. What a shock and a tragedy for many authors and ebook sellers.

The usual remedy being touted about is to make the ebooks available by burning copies to CD’s or DVD’s but this has several disadvantages, the main one being that the whole process involves extra work, postage, and delays between the sale of the ebook and its delivery.


This solution, although workable, still leaves the massive disadvantage that all ebooks have, whether delivered digitally or via a disk, namely that the reader has to read on screen, and many hate this, or else print out the book and many resent this. The fact is that most people would rather have a physical book in their hands.

With a physical book readers can carry it about in their pocket or their purse or satchel. They can flip through it – difficult to do with an ebook. They can open it at odd moments, especially for reference whilst doing something else. They can mark it with a pen or pencil or a coloured highlighter. It is much more normal and easy for everybody. They can lend it to a relative or friend, and don’t forget it will still have the author’s name and details printed in it.

Another point of advantage is security. It is considerably harder to copy a printed book. In the case of an ebook it is so easy for a reader to rip whole passages from the book for the reader’s own purpose or even to copy the whole book or send it all over the internet to friends and so on. This can still be done with a printed book but not so easily.

All well and good you might say but printing books is expensive and the whole operation is time consuming.

Not so. You can print your own book and it only takes a few minutes and costs only about a dollar or slightly more depending on the quality of the paper.

I am not talking here about a book consisting of a few sheets of paper stapled together or a cheap looking comb-binded report of the type seen at office conferences. I am talking about a professional looking paperback or hardback book that bears comparison to the books you see in bookshops and libraries.

This is all possible using only simple tools which cost almost nothing and simple materials easily and cheaply obtained. It is just a matter of making a simple wooden jig and clamp and a bit of cutting and pasting.

This is a real solution and, combined with writing, the perfect home business!

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